This practice exam contains 250 Q&As from all three domains covered in the Professional Certified Investigators (PCI) examination. It also includes content from Canadian legal system. This practice exam has questions from all three domains:
- Case management (35%)
- Investigative Techniques and Procedures (50%)
- Case Presentation (15%) 

5 Sample Questions

Like the criminal code, the Canadian law of evidence was based on the common law of ?__________________ (PCI 293)

  • A. America
  • B. England
  • C. USA
  • D. None of these

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms only applies to ________________ functions (criminal or administrative). (PCI293)

  • A. government
  • B. private
  • C. corporate
  • D. public and private

The issue with the law of evidence is admissibility. A court will ask four questions to decide whether a piece of evidence is allowed. Select the correct four questions:________ (PCI293)

  • A. Is the evidence relevant?
  • B. Is it reliable?
  • C. Can it be authenticated?
  • D. Does it have probative value?
  • E. Does it involve hearsay?
  • F. Is the evidence exculpatory?

Evidence may take a variety of forms, such as the _____________(PCI293)

  • A. viva voce testimony
  • B. hearsay
  • C. dying denial of a third party
  • D. oral testimony of an alibi witness

Most evidence is entered at a trial or hearing through the hearsay testimony of a witness or by the witness's act of identifying or introducing a piece of evidence? (PM294) 

  • A. True
  • B. False

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