Illinois Private Security Contractor License Exam Practice Quiz. These Q&As come from Fischer et al's Introduction to Security Book. 19 chapters. Time limit: 85 minutes

5 Sample Questions

SE The 3 basic types of alarm systems are (Fischer 233): 

  • A. Pressure device / motion detection device / enunciator
  • B. Capacitance system / photoelectric device / vibration detector
  • C. Microwave device / electromechanical device / sensor
  • D. intrusion / fire / special use

SE Computer media storage safes need to be rated: (F225)

  • A. A UL rating of TL-15
  • B. Passing an explosion impact test
  • C. A UL rating of 150 degrees F
  • D. A UL rating of 350-4

To achieve security objectives without alienating visitors or in any way interfering with the operation of the business, any effective control system must be all of the following, except: ______________ (F220) 

  • A. simple
  • B. understandable
  • C. fail-safe
  • D. fail-secure

In the__________ system, installation circuits are connected to local police or fire departments or 911 centers by leased telephone lines or in very modern designs wireless systems (F238). 

  • A. Auxiliary system
  • B. Local 
  • C. Dial
  • D. Central

This system is a facility set up to monitor alarms indicating fire, intrusion, and problems in industrial processes. Such facilities are set up for a number of clients; all are serviced simultaneously (F236). 

  • A. Central Station
  • B. Local
  • C. Dial
  • D. Proprietary

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