Hello and welcome to your MyTimeDesign Self-Assessment. During the next few minutes you'll be directed to answer questions in each of 11 categories. Each category corresponds to one of the 11 fundamentals of time management as defined by the work we've done here at 2Time Labs. While we know that, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as managing time we take the term "time management" to mean "how you manage yourself subject to the laws of time and space." By the end of this assessment, you'll have a summary skills profile. It will provide you a snapshot of your current level of skills in each of the 11 areas, and give you an idea of where you may focus your improvement efforts, either to shore up weaknesses or set plans for an upgrade. A word of caution, however. This assessment isn't a replacement for the rigorous self-examination that takes place in our live and online programs. Instead, consider this to be no more than a quick summary of an in-depth activity, intended to provide you with a few quick insights.  It's meant to be a fun activity for those who appreciate self-knowledge and the satisfying benefits that it brings! So... have fun as you gain some new insights into your current time management skills. Francis

Table of Contents


The Essential Fundamentals

This is a quick introduction to help you get the most out of this activity. There are a few administrative matters I'd like to cover.

1) You are about to discover your time management profile, as defined by your skills in 11 areas. The form enclosed below is one that you can use to track your score in each of the 11 areas.

You can right-click on the picture above and choose "Save As... / Save Target As... / Save Link As..." in order to download it. Or, you can replicate it on a separate piece of paper. Whichever method you choose, you'll need to manually track your rank in each area as you take each assessment. At the end, you should have a chart with 11 points on it.

2) Each of the 11 assessments are based on 5-15 multiple choice questions. They are divided into two sections: the Essential and the Advanced Fundamentals. I urge you to answer them conservatively, with a dose of pessimism. Make it easy to improve your performance by being a little bit tough on your performance. 

Once you have finished the final assessment, I'll describe some ways for you to use what you have learned.

So go ahead, and dive in by paging ahead to the next chapter on Definitions (use the right arrow in the top right corner of the page.)

The Advanced Fundamentals

Summary and Next Steps