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Table of Contents

MODULE 1 - Introduction Into Income Tax Preparation

     Hello, the Taxx Tyme 1040 Basic Tax Course was created to mirror the 1040 form and throughout the course we will review the most common forms and schedules that a tax return preparer should be familiar with to properly prepare a common individual tax return. We will discuss what is included in those forms and how to enter information into the software that you choose or even prepare the return by hand so that the tax return is properly prepared; Use the navigation buttons to get started.

Module 2: Filing Statuses


Module 3 - Dependants

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Introductory Tax Course Overview

     Not sure about doing taxes? Well after completing this course you will have a great idea on weather it is for you or not.  This short course is to prepare you for our Full Basic Tax Course.  In the full course you can attain the full knowledge of learni...