Not sure about doing taxes? Well after completing this course you will have a great idea on weather it is for you or not.  This short course is to prepare you for our Full Basic Tax Course.  In the full course you can attain the full knowledge of learning how to complete all kinds of tax forms as well as tips to open your own tax office at the lowest cost.

Table of Contents

Introductory Tax Course Overview

     Welcome to the Taxx Tyme Introductory Tax Course!  OurTax Courses introduces the fundamentals of tax concepts and preparation into software in an interactive format. Each course offers the fundaments to becoming an excellent tax preparer.

COURSE OBJECTIVES - Introductory Tax Course

  • Chapter 1 - Why should I do Income Taxes & How much can i Make?
  • Chapter 2 - Why Start A Tax Preparation Business?
  • Chapter 3 - How do taxes work?
  • Chapter 4 - Tax Preparer Practices, Responsibilities, & Duties
  • Chapter 5 - Why take our Taxx Tyme Basic Tax Course as a follow up to this course?

FULL COURSE OUTLINE - Taxx Tyme Complete 1040 Basic Tax Course

  1. Module 1 -  Introduction to Tax Preparation
  2. Module 2 - Filing Status
  3. Module 3 - Dependents
  4. Module 4 - Income
  5. Module 5 - W-2 Wages
  6. Module 6 - Schedule C, Business Income or Loss
  7. Module 7 – How to Prepare Clergy Returns
  8. Module 8 - Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses
  9. Module 9 - Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss
  10. Module 10 - Schedule F, Farm Income
  11. Module 11 - Tax Depreciation
  12. Module 12 – IRA
  13. Module 13 - Exemptions and Standard Deductions
  14. Module 14 - Schedule A, Itemized Deductions
  15. Module 15 – Credits
  16. Module 16 - Child and Dependent Care Credit
  17. Module 17 - Education Credits
  18. Module 18 - Other Taxes
  19. Module 19 - Earned Income Credit
  21. Module 21 - Tips for Reducing Both You and Your Clients Chances of Being Audited
  22. Module 22  Setting up and getting started ASAP!!

(Please be advised that this is a separate course)

Chapter 1: Why should I do Income Taxes


How much do tax preparers make?

     Well there are a few factors that play into this. Per hour (working for someone else) vs. Independent Self employed (Paying employees and preparing taxes yourself)


Chapter 2: Why Start A Tax Preparation Business?


     Helping people deal with their taxes can be very rewarding and gratifying. Tax preparers use their knowledge of federal and state tax laws to ensure that their clients receive the correct tax refund or pay the correct amount of tax.

     The tax preparation business is unusual because it provides a service to every American and they are required required to file an income tax return. Because it is required, tax preparation tends to be recession resistant.



Chapter 3: How do taxes work?

     The amount of income tax that you owe each year is based on your income level. The United States currently uses a progressive income tax system — which means that the more money you earn, the more taxes you have to pay.  The amount of taxable income that you earn determines which tax bracket(s) you fall into.

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