Are you ready to learn how to use herbs safely and serve your community?


Are you ready to start a herbal career or business?


Have you been dreaming of working with herbs?


This program is the program for you!


Our Advanced Herbalist Certification program offers students a comprehensive education that takes one from a budding herbalist to community practitioner and formulator. This easy to use, study whenever, where ever is a great way to start a new career, create a herbal business and help those in need of natural herbal remedies. 

What do students do when they complete the Advanced Herbalist Certification course? A lot of our students have herbal practices or herbal products companies. Individuals who take this program have gone on to study further, some teach at co-ops, events, etc. Some start businesses, open their shops and teach herbal programs of their own. 

What Will You Learn?

The course is designed to give a good insight into what being an advanced herbalist entails, the qualities of the different herbs and exactly how they can help to relieve certain ailments.

The treatment of both medical and emotional conditions are both covered and details about how to go about setting up a business using all of this knowledge.

You’ll learn all about the day-to-day work as a herbalist, and start to truly understand the significance of the different herbs as an all-natural way to help your body negotiate disease and illness. It will also take you through the history of herbal treatments and ends with a discussion of the business market for herbal treatments in general.

You will find out the power benefits of becoming an advanced herbalist, along with the benefits of creating your own business in this thriving industry.

You will learn a large amount of information about the treatment of ailments, the course has been separated into distinct sections: Herbal Health for Men and Women, Botany, Herbal Preparations, and Herbal Therapies and Treatments for Illnesses.

The course also highlights the precautions every master herbalist needs to be aware of and to provide the best treatment for the individual. You will learn important lessons of how knowing when not to treat a client, is just as important as what to use to treat them when you should.


Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Module 1 - An Introduction to the Herbalist

An Introduction to the Herbalist

Module 2 - Advantages of Becoming a Master Herbalist

Advantages of Becoming a Master Herbalist

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