This course is for Airman who are studying for the correspondence version of Non-Commisioned Officer Academy (NCOA) Course 15.  We know you have a limited time to study and prepare so make the most of your time with this prep course.

Table of Contents

00- Introduction to Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) Course 14

Welcome to the SNCOA course 14 practice course.  Here are a few key items for you as you begin your journey to pass these exams on the FIRST TRY!

- Read through your study material once BRIEFLY to familiarize yourself with the concepts THEN use this tool to "drill" and drive home the key concepts which are crucial to passing.

- You can continue to retake the practice exams as many times as you want.  The questions and answers will be shuffled as to make it harder for you to memorize the choices rather than understand the concepts.  Answering practice questions is one of the best ways to reinforce your knowledge.

- Focus on the key items highlighted by the practice questions.  There is a lot of non-testable material, in order to maximize your effectiveness on the exam, stick to the key concepts.

- Understand the difference between our Practice Questions and Practice Exams.  They are as follows:

-- Practice Questions will show you the correct answer after each.  Use these to prepare and familiarize yourself with the material.

-- Practice Exams will simulate the real test and not let you see the correct answers until it is over.  These exams will have the exact number of questions as the real test and randomly draws questions from each section.

- When you feel you have a good grasp on the material, begin to take Practice Exams, these simulate the actual test and randomly draw questions from the different sections for each module, will not give you the correct answer after each question, and closely simulates the real exam.

The next section will explain the different tools found in the course.

Set A

Set A of the Course 15 is broken down into three volumes (01- Course Introduction, 02- Military Professional, 03- Operational Airman)


01- Course Introduction

01.01- Skipped

01.02- Skipped

01.03- Successful Learning

01.04- Strategic Thinking

01.05- Four Lenses

01.06- Adaption-Innovation (AI) Theory

01.07- Full Range Leadership (FRL)


02- Military Professional

02.01- Airmanship

02.02- Human Performance

02.03- Air Force Culture and Heritage

02.04- Diversity

02.05- Ethical Leadership


03- Operational Airman

03.01- National Military Capabilities and Organization

03.02- Joint Wargighter

03.03- Cross-Cultural Awareness

03.04- Nuclear Enterprise

Set B

Set B of the Course 15 is broken down into two volumes (01- Unit Manager, 02- Managerial Communicator)


01- Unit Manager

01.01- Team Building

01.02- Leader Influence

01.03- Negotiation

01.04- Resource Stewardship

01.05- Discipline

01.06- Cross Cultural Competence

01.07- Emergent Leadership Issues

01.08- Change Management


01- Managerial Communicator

02.01- Managerial Communication

02.02- Culture of Engagement

02.03- Interpersonal Communication

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COURSE 14 Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy ...

This course is for Airman who are studying for the Senior Non-Commisioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) Course 14.  We know you have a limited time to study and prepare so make the most of your time with this prep course.