"A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it."— Scott Allen

Every new project is an opportunity to uplift the growth rate, especially for client-centric businesses. You must ensure that the quality of deliverables isn’t compromised at any point, regardless of how tight a time window or project budget you have.

That said, the job of controlling the project triangle — Scope, Cost, and Time — gets tougher with every newly acquired project and you struggle to manage your workforce, time, when you have multiple projects in hand.

At this juncture, deploying a project management software tool seems like a safe option, as it can really aid in securing streamlined operations.

What is the Best Project Management System?

An ideal project management system happens to be feature-rich, easy to use, and configurable. It equips you to manage all your projects, tasks, teams, clients, and stakeholders effortlessly. It lets you monitor in-house and remote teams, and project performance easily. It offers automated invoicing that calculated billable hours automatically and helps you generate accurate invoices. Timesheets, Gantt charts, etc. are additional welcome features that let you visualize project milestones. In a nutshell, look for a tool that’s easy to deploy and is scalable as your company grows.

We understand how important it is for business owners to keep their options open. Therefore, we have developed a list of the 20 best project management tools, so pay attention while going through the following tools and make the right call for your business.

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20 Project Management Tools and What They Are Perfect For

20 Best PM Software
Perfect for
  • Handling multiple projects, teams, clients effortlessly
  • Visualizing project milestones with Gantt charts
  • Generating insightful reports from anywhere, anytime
  • Tracking billable hours & resource allocation
  • Automating accurate invoice generation
(Pricing starts at $19/month)
  • Taking notes during project discussions
  • Planning project execution strategies
  • Monitoring project performance
  • Overlooking construction projects
  • Enabling onsite and offsite communication
  • Monitoring construction project implementation
  • Staying informed of project updates on the go
  • Overlooking all project execution on one platform
  • Monitoring team productivity and project performance
  • Tracking time spent on project implementation
  • Monitoring productivity of remote employees
  • Easing communication among remote employees
  • Managing all project resources effortlessly
  • Taking control of project budgets and expenses
  • Keeping check on project deliverables
  • Ensuring seamless team collaboration
  • Encouraging group discussions and chats
  • Enhancing tam transparency
  • Streamlining medical practises
  • Getting all patient information from one source
  • Keeping track of all medical-related documents
  • Streamlining project processes
  • Ensuring all processes are defined
  • Implementing projects in the defined process
  • Staying updated regarding projects on your laptop
  • Controlling all task executions with your teams
  • Taking charge of project expenses & budget process
  • Integrating tools for efficient project management
  • Collaborating with remote teams in real-time
  • Managing multiple tasks on one dashboard
  • Planning infrastructure project execution
  • Defining resources and assigning them accurately
  • Monitoring all infrastructure projects from start to finish
  • Getting things done fast with to-do lists
  • Communicating with relevant teams on the go
  • Keeping notes on important team discussions
  • Keeping clients in the loop of project execution
  • Monitoring software cycles closely
  • Tracking project expense to avoid going over-budget
  • Logging project and team performance
  • Monitoring time spent on tasks
  • Storing all project logs in one place
  • Customizing project templates effortlessly
  • Managing multiple projects, tasks, and teams
  • Keeping tabs on overall organizational expenses
  • Monitoring project budget and overall expenses
  • Tracking overall organizational performance
  • Improving upon team pain points
  • Streamlining team communication
  • Maintaining project notes and files on one platform
  • Bringing teams together to meet project deadlines
  • Developing accurate project roadmaps
  • Visualizing project timelines accurately
  • Tracking milestones alongside teams
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Getting a clear picture of project executions
  • Ensuring all clients are informed of project updates

Now, let’s dig further into the individual features, pricing, and why to use the above web-based project management software.

ProProfs project management software

ProProfs Project is the simplest of the top project management software out there. It equips you with every tool you need to manage projects, teams, tasks, clients, and stakeholders - all on a single platform. From startups to small businesses to enterprises, this project management tool is ideal for all organizations, from any industry.

ProProfs Project is even available for iOS and Android devices, which makes it easier for you to stay on top of your projects from wherever you are.


  • single dashboard
    Single Dashboard View

    See who is working on what, set start and end dates for each task, track work progress, and meet deadlines effortlessly.

  • Track time spent on each project
    Time Tracking

    Track time spent on each project to keep both deadlines and budget in check.

  • Visualize project milestone
    Milestone Visualization

    Visualize project milestones, keep your project execution on track, and ensure all team members are on the same page.

  • Create insightful & detailed reports
    Report Generation

    Create insightful & detailed reports, and precisely track the productivity of your project executives. By analyzing pain points, you improve organizational performance effortlessly.

  • Create accurate and timely invoices
    Invoice Generation

    Create accurate and timely invoices for your clients to bid adieu to payment-related hassle.

Pricing starts at: $0/user/month

Why Use ProProfs Project?

  • Easy to Use

    Enjoy a smooth project management journey through an intuitive dashboard, which lets you create projects, set task priorities, share important files, etc. painlessly.

  • Optimized For All Devices

    Log in to your ProProfs account from any device and get a bird’s eye view of all your projects anytime, anywhere.

  • Gantt charts

    Monitor the progress of each project with ease via Gantt charts, to take necessary steps for staying on the track.

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Evernote-best project management software

Second in line is Evernote - a cloud-based project management software that is best suited for note-taking, archiving, and organizing tasks as required. Developed by Evernote Corporation, the software offers features like notes and tags, giving its users a platform to store important information easily. With such features, teams can also search and find a specific task easily. Evernote is a cross-platform project management software, available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


✓   Task Management

Manage all your tasks on one platform easily and track projects from start to finish.

✓   Idea Management

Get your teams together and manage all project ideas easily.

✓   Project Collaboration

Collaborate on projects using notes, comments, and emails.

✓   Customizable Templates

Choose from a variety of custom templates and make project execution simple.

Pricing starts at: $7.99/month

Why Use?

  • Smooth Team Collaboration

    Teams can collaborate easily on notes and ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Stay connected with your teams and chat with them using the Evernote App.

  • Good Storage Space

    Store as many documents, images, or videos you wish - Evernote offers a ton of storage space.

3. Procore

Procore-top project management software

Procore, a construction project management software, is an ideal choice for overlooking construction projects from start to finish. Easily communicate with your team, whether onsite or offsite, and get a bird’s eye view into all your construction projects in real-time.


✓   Budgeting

Take control of your project budgets and ensure no projects go over your budget.

✓   File Management

Create, manage, and store all project-related files on a single platform.

✓   File Sharing

Share relevant files with your team members to keep them informed of project updates.

Pricing starts at: $375/month

Why Use?

  • Efficient Team Collaboration

    Collaborate with your teams effectively with task comments & emails.

  • Construction Project Management

    Manage all your construction projects with this exclusive construction project management software.

  • Onsite & Offsite Management

    Overlook onsite and offsite communication and projects on the go.

Monday.com-top project tool

Adding another gem to the list, Monday.com is a good choice for companies looking for an easy to use project management tool. Monday.com aims to enhance employee productivity by increasing team collaboration and focusing on getting more work done. Teams can also get a grip on project quality, avoiding any mishap or failure to meet the quality standards.


✓    Task Management

Manage all your tasks and assign them to relevant teams easily. Prioritize and close tasks on time.

✓    File Sharing

Share important files with authorized team members to maintain project quality and integrity.

✓    Email Notifications

Notify teams on project updates and never miss any project details ever again.

Pricing starts at: $39/month
HiveDesk-best online PM software

An automatic project management tracking tool, Hivedesk can be handy for companies looking for project management. This tool helps in tracking time spent by remote employees, taking and sharing screenshots with teams for effective communication, monitoring productivity of remote employees, and billing clients accurately.


✓   Task Permissions

Assign tasks and give permissions to only authorized team members to maintain security levels.

✓   Screenshot Storage

Take unlimited screenshots and store it in the database offered by Hivedesk.

✓   Activity Tracking

Track all activities on one platform and keep everyone on the same page.

Pricing starts at:$15/user/month

Why Use?

  • User-Friendly

    Hivedesk has an intuitive and easy to use interface, making it easy for newbies to use this software.

  • Easy Report Generation

    Hivedesk captures all important data and generates detailed reports.

  • Manage Remote Workers From Anywhere

    Whether you have remote employees in the same locality or a different timezone, this tool is ideal for easy collaboration.

Easy Redmine-most popular project software

An upgrade of Redmine, Easy Redmine combines all the needed features and plugins to ensure efficient project management. This tool is ideal for small teams and allows companies to ensure effortless team communication, resource management, and team management. With its various plugins, companies can easily streamline the entire project execution process.


✓   Budget Management

Set a project budget and control it with Easy Redmine.

✓   Time Tracking

Keep an eye on what’s being done and whether project deadlines will be met easily.

✓   Task Management

Create tasks in a second and assign them to relevant teams. Besides this, you can manage, prioritize, track, and close tasks easily.

Pricing starts at: $78/month
ProofHub-best software for project management

ProofHub is a project management tool that offers all the features needed to manage projects and tasks, but it mainly focuses on team management. It comes with integrations such as group chat, discussions, boards, and notes, making it easy to collaborate on tasks easily. This tool is a good option if you hire remote teams in your organization and need a tool for team collaboration.


✓   Notes

Create notes and share them with relevant team members to keep everyone on the same page.

✓   Gantt Charts

Visualize project execution using Gantt Charts. You can also monitor team and project performance via such representations.

✓   Timesheets

Keep track of time utilized to complete a project and release payment accordingly.

Pricing starts at: $45/month

8. Eclipse

Eclipse-popular project software

Eclipse is a web-based practice management software that mainly caters to medical institutions. You can manage all your workflows and processes easily using Eclipse. Right from scheduling a medical appointment to the billing process, everything is streamlined. Ideal for medical institutions, this software allows you to have all the patient data on a single platform.


✓    Dashboard View

Track all your patient data using the dashboard view in Eclipse. It’s easy and hassle-free.

✓    Task Management

Manage all your medical tasks easily with this robust practice management software.

✓   Status Tracking

Track treatment status and ensure all treatments are given at the set time and not delayed.

Contact Vendor for Pricing Details.
Demand Metric-best web-based project software

Demand metric is a process management software that comes with an in-built toolkit to streamline and optimize project processes. Get stuff done on time with team collaboration features and monitor project performances with reports.


✓   Task Board View

View all your tasks on one dashboard and get all task-related information instantly.

✓   Time Tracking

Track time spent on tasks and check the time spent on each task by every individual member.

✓   Mobile Access

Access all project-related information from anywhere at any time.

Pricing starts at: $97/month

10. nTask

nTask-popular project tool

Adding another task management software to our project management tools list, nTask is designed for mid-sized organizations to monitor and manage tasks easily. Available only for Windows, nTask has a substantial list of features that help mid-sized organizations to stay on top of all task-related updates.


✓    File Sharing

Access, share and store all task-related files and multimedia in the nTask database.

✓   Monitor Work Progress

Track tasks from start to finish and ensure all tasks are delivered in-time and within the set quality standards.

✓   Gantt Charts

Choose from different templates and create customizable gantt charts in seconds.

Pricing starts at: $2.99/month/user (billed annually).

11. Zenkit

Zenkit-best online project PM tool

Zenkit is both a project collaboration and management tool that is ideal for any organization. From startups to enterprises, this project management tool grows according to your needs. It comes with a number of features for project, task, and team management.


✓   Team Collaboration

Bring teams/departments together and collaborate on projects/tasks efficiently.

✓   Calendar Management

Create tasks and plan project execution using the calendar view of Zenkit.

✓   File Sharing

Share important files with relevant team members to keep everyone informed of project updates and quality.

Pricing starts at:$9/user/month
Sitetracker-top-rated project solution

Sitetracker is mainly used as a project management software for the infrastructure industry. Talking about the infrastructure industry, this particular tool has set global standards for managing multiple projects effortlessly. From the C-suite to field projects, Sitetracker is a good tool to manage it all.


✓   Project Timelines

Create project timelines, monitor project execution, and meet all deadlines easily.

✓   Milestones

Define project milestones along with start and end dates for each task.

✓   Real-Time Dashboard

Track projects in real-time to ensure all deliverables are completed well in time.

Pricing starts at: $75/user/month

13. Basecamp

Basecamp-best program for project management

Focusing on project collaboration, Basecamp is a project management software that offers a lot of features for efficient project and team management. With features like message boards, notes, and to-do lists, the tool helps teams align their day to day tasks and deliver projects in the set deadline.


✓   To-Do Lists

Divide your work and create to-do lists to always be on track with project timelines.

✓   Due Dates

Set due dates for projects, tasks, and sub-tasks to make sure your project deadlines are met.

✓    Resource Planning

From expenses to project teams, plan all your project resources effortlessly with Basecamp.

Pricing starts at: $99/month

14. Assembla

Assembla-best project management system

Assembla is a project management software that is ideally a good choice for digital, software engineering, or game development companies. Right from project initiation to closing, everything can be streamlined, managed, and monitored easily with this robust project management tool.


✓   Milestone Tracking

Track all your milestones, make sure all your teams are working in sync to achieve the project goal.

✓   Client Portal

Assembla comes with a client portal that specifically caters to managing all your clients.

✓   Time & Expense Tracking

Track project time and expenses easily with Assembla and avoid going over-budget.

Pricing starts at: $9.16/user/month

15. Backlog

Backlog-best online project tool

One of the best free project management tools, Backlog is third on our list. This tool is ideal for version control, task management, and bug tracking. This is one of the many project management tools for development projects. Right from code management to releasing code updates, everything can be done via Backlog.


✓   Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your teams easily using discuss boards, real-time editing, and file sharing.

✓   Resource Management

Manage your resources with Backlog effortlessly through timesheets task tracking.

✓   Timeline Visualization

Visualize milestones and create Gantt charts to generate accurate project timelines.

Pricing starts at: $35/month

Why Use?

  • Streamlines Workflow

    Backlog makes it really easy to streamline workflow and has a process in place for everything.

  • Efficient Team Collaboration

    Even if your entire team works as freelancers, this project management tool won’t hold you back.

  • Flawless Code Management

    Perfect for development projects, Backlog offers features that manage huge chunks of code easily.

16. Celoxis

Celoxis-user friendly project solution

Another project management and collaboration tool that deserves a place in our listicle is Celoxis. This tool helps you manage all your projects via a simple dashboard and also offers multiple features to make task and project management simple. You can also monitor project and team performance easily with reports.


✓   Milestone Tracking

Create and track milestones to ensure everything is delivered within the set due date.

✓   Customizable Templates

Design your own project template and add important information to avoid mistakes related to work.

✓    Bug Tracking

Track bugs involved in all your software projects and tag relevant departments to get them resolved.

Pricing starts at: $25/user/month

17. Harvest

Harvest-best cloud-based PM software

The focus of Harvest is to enhance employee productivity and monitor project budget. This way, it becomes easier for teams to meet project deadlines without any issues. Harvest is mainly a project reporting software that helps streamline the entire project execution process and monitors everything closely.


✓   Time Tracking

Track time spent on each task and analyze how long it will take to complete the project.

✓   Expense Management

Manage project expenses, including physical or digital, and keep project execution in-budget.

✓   Reporting

Monitor team and project performance easily. Enhance employee productivity and overall company performance.

Pricing starts at: $12/month

18. Asana

Asana-saas project management tool

Asana is a project management tool that aims to centralize your team’s communication. No matter which phase a project is in, Asana has a feature to keep your teams in the loop. Along with team collaboration, it also comes with features like task management and notifications to streamline project execution and communication.


✓   Automated Notifications

Receive automated notifications regarding project progress and never miss any important information.

✓   Team Collaboration

Connect with any team or team member from anywhere in the world with Asana.

✓   Multiple Dashboards

Asana comes with a pool of dashboards, making it easier for you to handle different tasks.

Pricing starts at: $10.99/user/month

19. Aha!

Aha!-best project tool

Founded by Silicon Valley in 2013, Aha! is robust roadmap software that helps teams manage projects efficiently. This tool is mainly used for creating accurate project roadmaps, making sure all projects are implemented as defined. Meeting deadlines and keeping your projects on track is easier with Aha!


✓   Task Lists

See all your tasks in a listicle format with all their details, such as comments, start and end dates, etc.

✓   Product Roadmaps

Create detailed product roadmaps, including all the important information needed easily.

✓    Team Collaboration

Connect with your teams hassle-free with features like notes, emails, and threads.

Pricing starts at: $59/user/month

20. Sciforma

Sciforma-online project management tool

Ideal for mid-sized and large enterprises, Sciforma is a project and portfolio management software that enables you to manage projects and resources effectively. This software comes with a real-time data intelligence tool that helps managers make data-driven decisions.


✓   User-Defined Workflows

Define workflows according to your requirements and ensure everything is streamlined.

✓   Reporting

Track project performance and monitor team productivity easily to improve organizational performance.

✓   Document Management

Create, access, manage, track, and store all your project-related documents on one platform.

Pricing starts at: $17/user/month

Choose the Right Project Management Tool: Get Started With This List!

  • The most important part of researching the right project management tool for your company is knowing what you need. For that, you must know the exact requirements of your company to the tiniest detail.
  • So, it is essential to dig deep into the options available in the market to effectively tackle all issues related to project management.
  • With all this information, it’ll be easier for you to compare your needs with the features offered by tools. So, choosing a PM tool for your company is easy and fun!
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