Add Q&A to Internal or External Knowledgebases

Let people browse, ask and answer questions

Allow users to browse, ask and answer questions with a Q&A you can add to your internal or external knowledge base. Add Collaborate to ProProfs Knowledge Base and build a community. Start discussions and question and answer sessions. Crowdsource information and ideas and build a collaborative information environment. Discussions stay organized and searchable and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Bring knowledge to life with discussions
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Crowdsource information & ideas
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Build collaborative learning
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Keep discussions organized & searchable
Add Q&A for collaboration in Knowledgebases

Never Lose a Good Answer

Keep your best answers forever

Knowledge Base with forum makes it easy to provide interactive experiences. Administrators can organize information by threads and topics so people can find what they need quickly. Select the best answers so they appear on top to ensure they are relevant and correct. Searchable answers mean you never have to answer the same question again.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Keep best answers on top
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Organize by threads & topics
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Add searchable Q&A
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Access people, files & answers
Keep searchable discussion board

Collaborate With Customers or Employees

Keep it private or make it public

Q&A to your ProProfs Knowledge Base software. Collaborate, start conversations, share information, and discuss topics. Keep your discussion board private or make it public. Our discussion board software lets you control who can access Q&A. Add permissions to manage participation. Build trust in your brand by making information freely available and highly engaging.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Start conversations & share information
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Reduce support & improve productivity
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Provide public or private feedback
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Build trust through knowledge
Collaborate With Customers or Employees with ProProfs collaborate software

Build a Community

Works great on any device, anytime and anywhere
anytime and anywhere access

Give customers or employees instant access to peer knowledge and Q&A functionality in your knowledge base. ProProfs Collaborate is accessible on desktop or mobile, for anytime, anywhere knowledge exchange. Turn on instant notifications so you always know when a discussion is taking place. Nurture every discussion and build a vibrant virtual community.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Collaborate anytime, anywhere
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Give instant access to peer knowledge
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Access on desktop or mobile
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Get instant notifications to stay updated
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