Add a Learning Community to Your Courses

Learners ask and answer questions using without leaving your course

Any training course can become interactive with LMS with Forum. Add Collaborate to ProProfs Training Maker and allow learners to ask questions and interact with peers and instructors. Learners and instructors can discuss topics inside of the course, adding a social experience to online training courses. In-course collaboration engages learners and increases course satisfaction.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Discuss without leaving the course
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Add social experience to online learning
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Build peer-to-peer learning
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Engage with learners in the course
Collaborate to your online courses

Start Conversations & Share Information

Create a dedicated space for Q&A

Begin conversations, share information, and discuss assignments within online courses. ProProfs Collaborate Q&A software improves learner engagement. Add permissions and set up groups to organize discussions. Foster peer engagement and set up topics that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Instructors can moderate discussions, create discussion threads, and provide feedback.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Add permissions & topics as needed
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Engage learners with peers
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Moderate & provide feedback
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Allow learners to react & add to a topic
Start conversations with learners in the course

Never Lose a Good Answer

Keep answers for years & never answer the same question again

Add discussion board software to online training courses for an interactive experience. Instructors can organize information by threads and topics so learners can find what they need quickly. Select the best answers so they appear on top to ensure learners get the best possible direction. Searchable answers mean you never need to answer the same question ever again.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Keep best answers on top
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Organize by threads & topics
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Add searchable Q&A
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Access people, files & answers
Never Lose a Good Answer

Keep Knowledge Organized & Searchable

Works great on any device, anytime and anywhere
Keep Knowledge Organized & Searchable

Collaboration software makes online training more engaging and interactive. Knowledge is organized and searchable. Learners can collaborate anytime and anywhere, and get instant access to peer and instructor knowledge. Endless possibilities include homework assignments, discussions, and long-term access to frequently asked questions. The discussion board software works great on desktop and mobile.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Collaborate anytime, anywhere
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Give instant access to peer knowledge
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Access on desktop or mobile
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Collaborate on assignments
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