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Build a seamless communication flow by understanding your customers before initiating the support process with Salesforce live chat integration.

About Salesforce & ProProfs Chat Integration

From capturing leads to nurturing them into loyal customers, Salesforce CRM integration with live chat can help you manage all the activities that help you improve your sales effectively. ProProfs Chat users can use this Salesforce integration to monitor leads, track potential sales opportunity, learn the website visitors better, and provide a seamless support experience that keeps customers delighted.

Key Benefits of ProProfs Live Chat Salesforce Integration

  • Capture Quality Leads in Sales Pipeline

    All website visitors are leads. But to capture potential prospects is a challenge. That’s where ProProfs Chat comes to your rescue. The live chat software helps your operators engage with website visitors by providing real-time information of your products. You can store the live chat session with each visitor in your Salesforce CRM and help your operators segregate quality leads and nurture them into customers.

  • Know Your Visitors Better

    Use Salesforce live chat integration to know your customers better. The information collected before, during and after the live chat session will help operators understand the pain points of your visitors and prospective customers. Based on the details and chat transcript, your operators can further plan on how to customize the support process and provide a delightful experience for such customers.

  • Build & Deliver Delightful Customer Experience

    An excellent customer service is what everybody expects from a brand. And with many tools available, these expectations are bound to increase further. But more than the use of the tool, it’s about understanding the need of the hour and providing a solution that satisfies the customers. The live chat Salesforce integration helps you get a grip on what the customer wants and assists your operators on providing the same in no time. The previous chats and customer details saved automatically allows you to improve and deliver a delightful experience to customers.

Key Features of Salesforce CRM Integration with ProProfs Chat

  • Use Pre-chat & Post-chat Forms to Gather Visitor Information & Feedback

    To fetch customers’ data and feedback about their experience with your brand in real-time is possible with Salesforce live chat integration. You can access relevant data about on your customers like name, email address, and more that gets captured and stored right away in Salesforce CRM. Your operators don’t have to separately login to their Salesforce dashboard to store data, thus assisting you to build a smooth workflow.

  • Track Visitors in Real-Time

    To provide a delightful support experience, it is important for your operators to track visitors in real-time. Live chat Salesforce integration allows them to learn who is browsing your website, their location, and what are they looking at. With access to such information, not only do they get to store it for future reference but also initiate a conversation that assists your visitors find what they’re looking for instantly.

  • Access Chat Transcripts

    Once a chat ends, your operators and you can view the entire conversation through transcripts. These get automatically stored in your Salesforce dashboard. Storing chat transcripts can help you understand whether the customer was satisfied with the support experience or not. Plus, these transcripts can also help you customize a customer’s support experience in case they approach you the next time.

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