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Use Canned Responses for the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Send instant replies from existing answers
live chat canned response

Having to reply to the same customer questions repeatedly is an indispensable part of customer support. But you can now save those replies as canned responses and send it to the users with a simple click of the mouse. Canned responses not only improve your response times, but also save the effort involved in repetitive typing. With canned responses, you type answers to the most common queries once, save them, and reuse during a live chat at any time. Your customers don’t like to wait for an answer – with canned responses, they don’t have to!

  • Avoid burnouts by not answering the same questions
  • Save most common replies for reuse later
  • Save typing effort
  • Don’t make customers wait for answers

Consistently Deliver Delightful Customer Support

Don’t leave any query unanswered
canned answers

Predefined, canned responses can help facilitate and improve live chat communication, offering a delightful experience to your customers. Customers love instant answers and that’s one of the primary reasons to choose live chat support over phone or email support. With a live chat software, your customers do not have to wait for an answer. With canned responses, this experience gets even better. No matter how many queries your customer may have, with live chat and canned responses, you can resolve them all in a snap.

Handle More Customer Queries Simultaneously

Save time and boost productivity by resolving more queries in less time
canned responses for customer service

By identifying and creating a standard set of responses for all the frequently asked questions, you can maintain a reusable library of response templates that vastly improve response times. This allows your customer support operators to handle more customer queries in lesser time and manage more chat windows simultaneously. This not only improves operator as well as team efficiency and productivity, but also ensures that a standard response is offered to all customers, irrespective of the operator in action.

  • Save standard responses as templates
  • Improve response times
  • Manage more chats simultaneously
  • Improve team efficiency

Avoid Unintended Typos & Grammatical Errors

Make your operators more professional and confident

Live chat operators are often in a hurry typing responses while switching from one chat window to another as they handle multiple customers at a time. And when you type, you are prone to making typos. Even if you quickly scan your chats before sending, it’s likely that some typos are still going to slip through. Grammatical mistakes are even more difficult to catch. You can cut down on these errors and be more precise with canned responses. This not only makes your operators look more professional, but also helps build their confidence.

  • Lesser typos and grammatical errors
  • Provide precise responses
  • Boost operator confidence
canned messages


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