The Virtual Classroom: What is it

Everyone wants to learn, but not everyone can afford the high costs of going to college or university.  That is where virtual classrooms come into play!

What is a virtual classroom?  In the broadest sense, it’s a place where students can communicate with each other, watch instructional and educational videos, share their notes on subjects and take tests to assess their intelligence and skill levels. But what parts exactly make up a virtual classroom?  It has to be non-restrictive, it has to be flexible, it must be verified, it must be easy to access and people must be able to afford it.

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Accessibility is important

The first point is accessibility.  The great thing about virtual classrooms is that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world, thanks to the power of the internet!  All the videos are easily viewed online, from a computer, cell phone or tablet!  And because all the videos and coursework are stored online, there’s an unlimited amount of videos to be watched and courses to be learned!

Anything should be possible

The great thing about having access to an online classroom anywhere in the world is that the cultures of both the students and the instructors will blend seamlessly, to create a web of culture and connectivity.  Being able to connect to other students LIVE is a great way to learn about other countries, whilst still learning and making friends!

Every person has his pace

Because every person is different, everyone learns at their own pace.  In schools and universities, students have to learn at the required pace, even if they’re not making it, or they’re so smart that they finish the coursework in half the time needed.  However, online courses allow everyone to work at their own paces!  If a student is intelligent, he or she can zoom ahead and finish extra courses whilst they wait, whereas other students who might be struggling more can work at their own pace, taking needed breaks to rest their brains when they need to!

Saving you money, saving you time

The beauty of digital software is that they’re not printed, and they don’t cost anything to the environment.  Because of this, a membership to an online classroom –or an online classroom software package- is incredibly affordable!  Almost anyone can afford the incredibly low costs of joining a virtual college!  And as an added bonus, you’ll save money –and time- by not having to travel to an institution for learning.  You can do everything from the comfort of your home!  No travel required whatsoever!

Possibilities are limitless

If it exists as a subject in life, it can be taught in an online classroom.  This is how many of these websites and software companies work.  If you’re looking at a course on cooking, you’ll find one.  If you want to know how to learn “poi” as a hobby, it won’t be hard.  If you’re looking at becoming the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, well you can find online courses on computer programming, business management, and people skills.  The only limitation as to how much you can learn is up to you!  The more you want to study, the more you will learn.

Everything proven, nothing missed

All virtual classrooms are verified to make sure their courses are accurate.  Whether it’s about the names of vegetables, the correct order of numbers in a mathematical formula, or how many species of dog there are in the world; each one of these facts needs to be verified before they can be taught.  Because it’s online, the companies that run the courses dare not post something without getting the entire course tested.  You can be assured that if you –or your children- take up a membership with an online classroom, the information will be accurate.  And what if it isn’t?  Well, -again- because it’s online, everything is easily verifiable and all problems will quickly be noticed by alert students and teachers, thereby reducing errors and fallacies!

The final word

In conclusion, the main reason for online classrooms is to provide everyone with easy access to learning material, whilst being affordable –for the less fortunate- and easy to use!

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