The Muscular System Flashcards Table View


thin connective tissue investing each cell Endomysium
connective tissue surrounding the entire muscle Epimysium
a discrete bundle of cells Fascicle
a muscle cell Fiber
Actin- or myosin-containing structure Myofilament
A long organelle found within muscle cells that has a banded appearance Myofibril
connective tissue surrounding a fascicle Perimysium
plasma membrane of the muscle cell Sarcolemma
contractile unit of muscle Sarcomere
cordlike extension of connective tissue beyone the muscle, serves to attach it to bone tendon
muscle used to suck in your cheeks Buccinator
muscle used to form the horizontal frown crease on the forehead Frontalis
the muscle that is the prime mover for shoulder flexion and adduction Pectoralis Major
deep muscles of the thorax that promote the inspiratory phase of breathing External Intercostal
large paired superficial muscle of the lower back Latissimus Dorsi
the muscle used to extend the hip when climbing stairs Gluteus Maximus
"Toe dancer's" muscle; a two-bellied muscle of the calf Gastrocnemius
muscle that allows you to bend (flex) the elbow Biceps brachii
muscle that extends the fingers Extensor digitorum
the prime mover of head flexion; a two-headed muscle Sternocleidomastoid
the name means "straight muscle of the abdomen" Rectus abdominis
muscle that allows you to shrug your shoulders or extend your head Trapezius
smaller hip muscle commonly used as an injection site Gluteus medius
strap-like muscle that is a weak thigh flexor; the "tailor's muscle" Sartorius
powerful shoulder abductor, used to raise the arm overhead Deltoid
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