Of Mice and Men Chapters 1-3 Flashcards Table View


Swamper Handyman, someon ewho performs odd jobs, such as cleaning.
tick mattress covering
stable buck A black man who works in a stable
skinner a mule driver.
cesspool where all of the waste goes.
ominously forebidding, threatening
pugnacious inclined to quarrel, fight readily
mollified to soften in feeling or temper
dialect a conversation between two characters
novella a mini novel (under 100 pages)
irony The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.
What is an example of Irony in the story? Lennie's last name is Small.
direct characterization simply tells what the character is like.
indirect characterization When the reader infers what a character is like based on their actions.
According to the old man, why was the boss mad at George and Lennie? Because they came late.
What does George find in the box by his bed? George finds bug spray, and assumes that the place is not clean/ dirty.
Describe the stable buck. What physical attributes does he have? What does the boss use him for? The stable buck is black. He has a crooked back that he is proud of, and he is used to prevent fights between the horses.
Describe the fight between the stable buck, and Smitty. Smitty started the fight, but crooks won,because the guys did not let Smitty use his feet,
What is Lennie's last name? Lennie's last name is Small.
What does the boss suspect George of doing to Lennie? What makes him think this? The boss thinks that George is taking advantage of Lennie, and taking his money, because George talks for Lennie and does not let Lennie talk.
What reason does George give for taking care of Lennie? George says that Lennie is his cousin. And that before she died, Lennie's aunt asked George to take care of him.
What is George's last name? George's last name is Milton.
Who is curley? Curley is the bosses son. He is argumentative.
What does the swamper tell George about curley's left hand? The swamper tells George that he has his hand in a glove full of vaseline to keep it soft for his wife.
Describe Curley's wife. Curley's wife is flirty, because she gives people "the eye".
Why does Curley's wife come into the bunkhouse? She comes in looking for curley.
Describe Slim. Slim is respectable, and kind. He treats people the way that he would like to be treated. He is the leader of the team on the ranch.
What did slim do to his pups? Why? Slim drowns his first four pups, because the mother could not feed them, and he wanted to keep the healthy ones.
What does Lennie want George to ask Slim? Lennie wants George to ask Slim if Lemmie could have on of the pups.
Derision Ridicule/mockery
receptive Having the quality of receiving
reprehensible deserving of reproof
reverence a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe.
Luger German semi-automatic pistol.
theme main idea
imagery the formation of mental images
onomatopoeia The formation of a word.EXAMPLE: Boom!
foreshadow To hint that something will happen in the future.
conflict to come into collision/ disagreement.
What does slim say he would have done to the dog if he hadn't given it to Lennie? The mother could not take care of all of the pups, so he would have drowned the dogs.
What does slim say that he finds funny? Slim finds it funny that they travel together.
George says if he were really smart he would be doing what? George said that if he were really smart, he would have a ranch of his own.
What is the story behind why Lennie and George travel together? Lennie's aunt died, and Lennie wandered into George's workplace, and started randomly working, so George lets him tag along, because they became friends.
What can the reader infer about Lennie's childhood, and family life? The reader can infer that Lennie did not have a real family.
What did George do once that made him stop playing jokes on Lennie? George told Lennie to go jump in the lake, which he did, and he almost drowned.
What card game does George play? Solitaire.
What does George tell Slim happened in weed? George told Slim the truth about what happened in Weed.
What sneaky thing does Lennie try to do? Lennie tries to sneak the puppy into the bed.
What game has the older guys been playing while George and Slim talk? They play horseshoes.
What is Carlson's problem and what does he tell candy to do? Carlson's problem is that Candy's dog smells. He tells candy to shoot his dog.
What reasons does carlson give for wanting the dog dead? Carlson says that the dog is really old, and blind. He said that Candy should put the dog out of his misery.
What does Whit show Slim? Whit shows Slim the magazine with an article in it by someone who used to work on the ranch.
What does Carlson say he has? He says that he has a gun.
What does Slim tell Carlson to take with him when he goes to shoot candy's dog? Why? Slim tells Carlson to take a shovel with him when he goes to shoot the dog because it is more respectful.
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