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Create engaging marketing courses using beautifully crafted online marketing training template. Share and publish courses on topics like direct marketing, digital marketing, social media, analytics and more. This highly customizable and easy to use online marketing training template is crafted using the industry-best aesthetic designs and typography standards.

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Why create online marketing training?

Marketing is a critical aspect of any business and is directly responsible for the growth and success of the organization. Effective online marketing training bridge the skills gap by helping marketers gain practical market insights.

The ultimate objective of marketing is to create awareness of the product or service of the company in the market through branding and generate sales leads. It covers advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales.

Creating an online marketing training can help the team learn different marketing skills including branding, campaign and market planning, lead nurturing, digital marketing strategies and others. Adequate training in marketing can ultimately help the company to realize its objectives successfully.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

Create highly effective and customized online marketing training courses using the expertly designed marketing training template. Add elegant designs, images, graphs, videos and presentations to develop an entirely personalized and customized course. Brand your training course by adding logos, specific color schemes, and designs to maintain the brand consistency of your online marketing training.

How to use online marketing template?

ProProfs online marketing training template is available for you with an array of features. Creating personalized marketing training courses have never been that easy before. But with ProProfs training templates, you can add your company brand and logo or choose any specific color scheme to offer highly personalized training experience to your team. Embed surveys and quizzes to assess your trainees and engage them. You can also grade and certify your trainees on their course completion. Track your trainees’ progress with the use of superior reporting features.

You can also integrate your online course with ProProfs Quiz Maker to assess trainees’ knowledge and retention rate. There is no need to install any extra software or induce any coding language. Just use marketing training template to build beautiful and engaging training courses. Learners can easily access the same course on their electronic device for any time, anywhere learning.

What makes our online marketing training better?

Our online marketing training is rich with features and unlimited benefits for both the instructors as well as the learners which make us stand out from the rest.

Learn more about these unparalleled benefits:

  • The online marketing training course smoothly engages the workforce with course content that is a natural fit to understand the different platforms and mediums for creating brand awareness and initiate brand promotion.
  • Relieve the new marketing trainees of unnecessary burden by creating engaging courses available to learners, anytime and anywhere.
  • The smart use of multimedia gives valuable visual insights and engaging data-rich content for longer retention of information.
  • You can integrate the training course with quizzes and surveys that test knowledge retention, generate training feedback and offer insights for further course improvement.
  • You can easily track a learner’s progress, information recap, and retention; evaluate their level of understanding using reports.
  • These online training courses are user-friendly by offering ease of navigation to the learners from anywhere and anytime.
  • Smart use of multimedia also helps instructors create a training course that appeals to different learning styles.
  • Thoughtfully selected integrations like Google Analytics work best to facilitate the learning process.
  • Best alignment, color, composition and typography standards help create personalized courses that appeal learners aesthetically and offer 100% visual literacy.
  • Offer marketing team, the much-needed knowledge and support as an imperative knowledge-base for future reference.

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