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Create effective employee training courses using expertly designed online templates. Crafted as per the latest trends in elegant design and modern typography, these highly customizable templates can be used to prepare courses on employee training topics like organization’s mission, vision, and objectives, company’s policies, procedures, and the technology, job-related skills and key performance indicators, marketing and communication efforts, and leadership skills. Once published, track your courses and learners using advanced reporting features.

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Why create online employee training?

Employee training, at its core, has manifested its importance as one of the critical business functions. It enhances employees’ skills, capabilities and knowledge so that they effectively tackle their roles and responsibilities. Employee training sessions help employees also get familiar with the organization's core values, vision, goals, rules and regulations, and working environment.

About one third of all learning content is available in the form of elearning. Online employee training is an important part of adaptive e-learning and helps organizations and employees stay ahead of their competitors. Highly concise and effective online employee training courses are an immensely cost-effective solution for the corporates to educate their employees.

Creating an online employee training course facilitates long-term knowledge retention. Employees can access online employee training courses anytime and from anywhere. Also, by offering constructive feedback, this online training helps to understand the pain points of the employees.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

Design and customize engaging online employee training courses in just a few simple steps by using ready-to-use templates. With the addition of elegant designs, images, videos, presentations and more, you can personalize the courses according to your training objectives. Doing so makes course content highly interactive and engaging. Maintaining brand consistency has become easy too by adding the company logo and brand name to the courses.

How to use online employee training template?

With easy-to-use employee training template, businesses can quickly create engaging online employee training courses to educate their employees on business values, missions, and visions.

Without installing any additional software, you can easily create multiple employee training courses using the same template. These templates help you build courses that are compatible with smart electronic devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets. Your learners can access these courses from anywhere, anytime. Simply add your company logo to deliver highly personalized and professional online employee training courses. You can embed quizzes and surveys to your courses for better employee engagement and performance analysis. You can also grade and certify learners upon their successful completion of the course.

What makes our online employee training better?

Our online employee training, due to its compelling and best-in-class features, stands out . Let’s take a glimpse into its comprehensive features:

  • Employee training becomes easy with the course content designed as a natural fit for learning business objectives and working environment.
  • Our training course lessens the unnecessary burden of the employees through increased engagement and learner-friendly pace.
  • The extensive and smart use of multimedia provides visual insights and data-rich content to retain information for longer periods.
  • You can embed quizzes and surveys to promote fun-learning, evaluate learner's knowledge, generate training feedback, and offer insights for further course improvement.
  • By using reports, tracking a learner’s progress for information recap and retention,and evaluation of their level of understanding becomes easy.
  • User-friendly courses offer ease of navigation to the learners and facilitate easy access anytime, anywhere.
  • Smart use of multimedia helps to create an employee training course that caters to different learning methodologies.
  • Our advanced integrations like Google Analytics are handpicked to facilitate the learning process.
  • Best alignment, composition, color, and typography standards offer maximum visual literacy and attract learners aesthetically.

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