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Building A Drug-Free Workplace
Building A Drug-Free Workplace

This course provides employees and management personnel with the fundamentals of building and maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace Program. Throughout the training, employees will become familiar with the policies, federal and state laws, Employee Assistance Program, and Last Chance Agreements and Terminations to keep the workplace drug-free.

Recommended: All businesses and Organizations

Time: 2 hours

Manage Conflict In The Workplace
Manage Conflict In The Workplace

Managing and resolving conflicts at the workplace such as age discrimination, diversity issue, and sexual harassment is one of the biggest challenges for employees and managers. Typically there are two responses to conflict…fight (stay and take it head-on) or flight (avoid the conflict). In either case, individuals usually feel dissatisfied with the results when no resolution has been accomplished. Learning to identify and constructively resolve conflict, individuals can turn a potentially destructive situation into an opportunity for positive relationships and productivity.

Recommended: All businesses

Time: 2 hours

Importance of Workplace Training

  • Establish Workplace Ethics
  • Workplace training such as sexual harassment training makes employees aware of an organization´s policies on code of conduct and workplace ethics.

  • Increase Operational Effectiveness
  • Workplace training sessions act like group therapy sessions helping employees to open up the lines of communication while learning new skills.

  • Create a Skilled Workforce
  • Workplace training such as OSHA workplace safety courses and sexual harassment training courses ensure employees are continuously updated on compliance requirements.

  • Increase Job Satisfaction
  • A satisfied employee is a happy employee. Workplace training increases job satisfaction by teaching new & challenging skills to employees.

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    Benefits of Online Workplace Training

  • Simple and Easy
  • Online workplace training sessions are easily accessible via a web browser. No installation or any complicated software download required.

  • Access Anywhere Anytime
  • Employees can access online workplace training programs, from anywhere at anytime. They can even take the training from their homes.

  • Automatic Assessment
  • Once employees take the training, score and results are automatically generated, saving instructors hours lost on manual grading.

  • Mobile & Platform Support
  • Online workplace training courses are accessible from any Smartphone, tablet & web browser such as iPhone, iPad, Safari, Chrome & more.


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