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What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a hybrid teaching technique that uses both online as well as offline methods to teach students. 30% to 70% of traditional classroom based teaching is replaced by web-based form of study, which includes online courses and quizzes. For instructors, it means they can automate tasks such as the grading of test-papers, which frees up time for them to work with learners. As for learners, it gives them more control as they can self-pace their learning.

What’s in it for corporate trainers?

A blended training program helps businesses to save training costs, increase productivity, improve training programs and do much more.

Save training costs -  Instructor-led training programs come with costs such as instructor fees, lodging and travelling expenses. Blended training is online so it cuts down all these traditional training overheads. The same training materials can also be reused to train multiple batches of trainees, saving companies the costs to organize new training sessions, every time.
Save time -  Online courses and tests can be taken by trainees from anywhere, anytime. Instructors can easily schedule the trainings by allowing employees to take the training at their break hours or from the comfort of their homes. This helps to save employee work hours.
Create skilled employees -  Online blended training also leads to knowledge creation and sharing. By identifying the knowledge gaps, refresher courses can be created for new or even older employees. Employees can also make use of a knowledge base where they can collectively share their knowledge and skills.
Improve training programs -  Instructors can gain insights into key areas that trainees are struggling with by reviewing course and test reports. Instructors can use this knowledge to quickly update and improve the training materials. They can also create training evaluation surveys to gather feedback and improve their training programs.

What’s in it for teachers?

Teachers can incorporate a blended learning approach to enrich their curriculum and help learners grasp and retain the study materials better.

Enhance your teaching -  Learning styles differ with every student. While one student may learn a topic by reading a book, the other many understand it better by watching a video. With a blended learning approach, you can offer learners different kinds of instructional materials from videos, presentations, articles, audio, pictures and more. This helps every learner to understand and grasp topics better.
Save time and resources -  Creating a traditional classroom test can often be a daunting task. First you have to find the questions and then sit down and correct the papers of every student. An online test software makes it easy for you to find questions and the papers are automatically graded. Best, there are no endless stacks of papers lying around your desk.
Encourage self-paced learning -  One of the biggest benefits of a blended learning approach is that learners can control, when and how much they want to learn. For instance, they can stop a course in midway and resume it at a time when they are free or more inclined to study. This gives learners the freedom to study when they are most receptive and the learning also never stops.
Track learners progress -  As teachers, you want all of your learners to perform well. But often and inevitably certain students are bound to fall behind in class. By analyzing the reports of online tests, you can identify the key problem areas that learners are struggling with, and using this insight you can help them with refresher courses or after-class tuitions.

ProProfs - a blended learning platform

ProProfs is a powerful blended learning & training software, which helps businesses as well as educational institutions to improve the effectiveness of training, decrease costs and offer learners a healthy combination of classroom lectures and online learning.

With ProProfs you can:

  • Test the understanding and knowledge of learners with online quizzes
  • Identify knowledge gaps with course & test reports
  • Measure the success of the blended training program with online surveys
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