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What is included in the course?

Risk Assessment Training Course

This hazard & risk assessment training course includes everything you need to know about safety inspections in the workplace. Major occupational hazards, the protocol for inspection, and the responsibilities of those in charge of workplace safety are the highlights of the course. You’ll also find examples and quizzes on hazards in the course.

Who is this course for?

Hazard Identification Training

The course is designed particularly for EHS employees, safety committee members, safety managers, safety inspectors, and health & safety engineers. They will get the necessary tips on workplace safety inspections and preparedness from this course. If your job is to identify occupational hazards, this course is for you.

Topics covered in the course

This concise hazard identification & risk assessment training course covers all the key topics that employees need to master for effective risk assessment. It discusses the common hazards in the workplace, the standard inspection process, the responsibilities of employers, and more. It also includes examples and quizzes for better learning.

Hazard Identification Training
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Course Outline

This online hazard identification training course has the following framework:

#1   Safety and Responsibility
  • Employers Responsibility
  • Safety Programs
  • Safety Committees
  • Test Your Knowledge
#2   Hazards
  • What Are Hazards?
  • 5 General Hazard Areas
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Hazard, Risk & Safety
  • Test Your Knowledge
#3   Safety Inspection
  • Safety Inspection Form
  • Safety Inspection Process
  • Test Your Knowledge
#4   Examples
  • Examples of Hazards
  • Test Your Knowledge
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