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ProProfs offers online compliance training courses beautifully designed to fit your organization's needs. Ready to use, high quality, free training courses can be customized by editing course content or adding your own branding. Tracking and reporting features enable you to track course progress and issue certifications. Use courses for topics like discipline training for employees, FMLA administration training, drug free workplace training for employees and more.

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Help employees cope better with emergencies

Emergency Action Planning

Train employees to become responsible individuals who effectively execute EAP to ensure that others evacuate safely and successfully from your office premise.


Encourage employees to maintain workplace injury records

OSHA Compliance Training - Injury and Illness Recordkeeping

Maintaining records will help your workers and OSHA to evaluate the safety measures at your workplace, plus prevent any future illness and injuries to take place.


Make Your Workplace a Drug Free One

Drug Free Workplace Training for Employees

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc (NCADD), drug abuse costs employers $81 billion annually.

Foster a Motivated and Disciplined Workplace

Discipline Training for Employees

Build a disciplined workforce with the right corrective actions and disciplinary process in the workplace. Know the best practices to follow.


Encourage Healthy Workplace and Workforce

FMLA Administration Training

The Family and Medical Leave Act is a Federal law that allows eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for their own medical.


Be Fair, Set Standards, Reap Benefits

Fair Labor Standards Act Training

FLSA training course provides management personnel with the basic skills necessary to understand the provisions.

An Aware Workforce Makes a Healthy Workplace

HIPAA Compliance Training

Train your employees on the importance of protecting patient information and other healthcare-related data. Put accountability on the highest priority.

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