Transportation Safety for Centers

Training Objectives:  Be able to define the types of transportation Understand the rules for transportation Understand safety precautions for children being transported

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Bribes and Threats = No Win Solutions

Learning Objectives:  1. Be able to use better choices in communication with children. 2. Identify the positive and negative statement choices of communicating with children. 3. Be able to check your language and behavior choices as a provider.  

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Puppetry Centers

A great way to bring imagination into the lives of children.  Objectives: Be able to identify the different types of puppets, materials needed to make puppets, and the different settings for puppet shows. 

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Butterflies to Monsters: Coping with Anxiety, Fear, Phobias

Learning Objectives:  1. Identify signs of anxiety, fears, and phobias in children  2. Learns strategies to cope with these issues.  3. Learn to teach and resolve these issues. 

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