Do you know anything about chemistry lab safety? Read the chemical safety information, dress appropriately for the chem lab, and identify safety equipment. Do not have a meal or drink in the lab; engage in research only during the lab, and do not taste or sniff chemicals. Chemistry lab safety is achieved when all these rules are followed. If you intend to know more about chemistry lab safety, try this quiz.

5 Sample Questions

In the science lab, which of the following is required for all students?

  • A. loose and baggy clothing
  • B. safety goggles
  • C. dangling jewelry
  • D. scarves

How should students avoid accidents with their hair?

  • A. tie back hair into a ponytail
  • B. use extra hairspray
  • C. slick back hair with gel
  • D. do nothing, since hair does not burn

What should students take into the science laboratory?

  • A. books, backpacks, and coats
  • B. lab worksheet, pen, and calculator
  • C. textbook, pen, and calculator
  • D. purses, gym bags, pencil, calculator, and lab worksheet

Pranks and horseplay are allowed in the lab.

  • A. only after completing the assigned experiment
  • B. as long as someone is monitoring the lab station
  • C. at any time
  • D. never

Students are allowed to eat and drink in the lab.

  • A. after the morning break
  • B. if the instructor gives them permission
  • C. as long as they use their own drink containers
  • D. never