Multi choice question 

5 Sample Questions

what is the arc enegy for the following welding process parameters? 

  • A. 0.7 KJ/mm
  • B. 0.6KJ/mm
  • C. 0.01KJ/mm
  • D. 0.7KJ/mm

In an all weld metal tensile test, the original test specimens gauge length of 50mm after testing the gauge increased to 72mm, what is the elongation percentage?

  • A. 44%
  • B. 144%
  • C. 69.4%
  • D. 2.27%
  • E. The elongation is not normally tested in this test

What is the ratio between the leg length and design throat thickness on mitre fillet weld with equal leg lengths?

  • A. 1 to 1
  • B. 2 to 1
  • C. 1.414 to 1
  • D. All of the above it depend upon the leg length size

The toughness and yield strength of steel is reduced by:

  • A. Reducing the grain size
  • B. Increasing the heat input
  • C. Reducing the heat input
  • D. both a and b

Which of the following statments is true if applicable to a charpy vee notch impact test?

  • A. It's destructive test used to assess material ductility in the weld zone
  • B. It's a mechanical test used to determine a welds resistance to creep
  • C. It's destructive test, which is used to give a measure of notch toughness
  • D. It's a static test used to determine material toughness in the notch region
  • E. both a and c