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Take the next step towards a successful career in healthcare with an EKG Technician Certificate! This exam will test your knowledge and skills in electrocardiogram (EKG) technology, and upon passing, you'll receive an official Certification of Successful Completion that demonstrates your competence and credibility to potential employers. Our EKG Technician Final Exam is designed by experts in the field, using real-world scenarios to ensure that you are fully prepared for the challenges you'll face on the job. So why wait? Show your dedication to your career and take the final step towards a Certificate as an EKG Technician today! Sign up now for our EKG Technician Certificate Final Exam.

5 Sample Questions

The EKG records the:

  • A. Blood flow through the heart
  • B. Electrical activity of the heart
  • C. Heart's sounds
  • D. Heart's ability to pump

Electrodes are also referred to as:

  • A. Sensors
  • B. Leads
  • C. Wires
  • D. Tracings

Which of the following would be a reason that a physician requests exercise electrocardiography?

  • A. Congestive heart failure
  • B. Chronic   fatigue   syndrome
  • C. Previous symptoms of angina
  • D. Family history of cancer

Which of the following is not an EKG Technician's responsibility during exercise electrocardiography?

  • A. Administration of drugs
  • B. Providing  safety for patient
  • C. Instructing the patient to report symptoms
  • D. Monitoring the patient, including blood pressure

The normal running speed of the EKG paper is:

  • A. 50 mm/sec
  • B. 25 mm/sec
  • C. 50 m/sec
  • D. 25m/sec

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