This is a quiz on “Magnificence,” a short story by Estrella D. Alfon (1917-1983).

Estrella D. Alfon was a native of Cebu and wrote in both Cebuano and English. She was the most prolific woman writer before World War II, having published various stories in nearly all major papers of the period. Seventeen of her award-winning stories are collected in the book of Magnificence (1960). Alfon also wrote plays, four of which garnered many of the major awards at the Arena Theater Playwriting Contest of 1961-1962.

5 Sample Questions

The point of view used in "Magnificence" is:

  • A. third person omniscient
  • B. first person
  • C. second person
  • D. third person limited

With respect to point of view, the story is presented mainly through the eyes and consciousness of:

  • A. the concealed narrator
  • B. Vicente, the bus conductor
  • C. the mother
  • D. the little girl

The time setting of “Magnificence” is:

  • A. in the 1940’s
  • B. medieval period
  • C. in the 19th century
  • D. present modern age

The economic status of the family in the story is:

  • A. middle class
  • B. elite
  • C. upper middle class
  • D. poor

The tone of this story may be described as:

  • A. serious
  • B. sardonic
  • C. sarcastic
  • D. humorous

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