This assessment will help you identify escalation patterns, or how fast you move up and down the anger scale. It is designed to take you to the next level after completing the Anger Test. For the test to be helpful to you, you will need to give accurate, honest answers.

When you have completed this assessment, you will receive your results, and recommendations from Dr. DeFoore, based on his 38 plus years of professional experience.

It costs only $4.95 to take it online, or you can return to Anger Management Aseessment.

5 Sample Questions

Level 1. You are feeling totally calm and relaxed. You may feel happy and excited about something or not. You have no anger or irritation at any level. If this is where you were most of the time, you wouldn't even read this anger management assessment material.

Level 2. You feel a very slight anxiety or irritability, but it's not affecting your behavior. You can barely notice it when you try. Your mind is open, and you're very aware of the "big picture" perspective.

Level 3. The irritation/anxiety is pretty high, but still not enough to affect your behavior. It is hard to relax with the agitation you are experiencing. You can sometimes see the big picture, if you really try.

Level 4. You are starting to have negative responses to people, places and things around you. You are still keeping your anger inside, but you're just not settled. Your focus is starting to narrow slightly, but you can still think clearly and make good decisions most of the time.

Level 5. Now you are starting to think about yelling at that other driver, or calling that talk show host and giving them a piece of your mind. But you don't act on the feelings. Your tone with others might be just a little short, or you might try to cover your feelings by being extra nice. Tunnel vision is starting to set in.