Do you know enough about market research or still need to cover a lot of ground? Take this quiz to know how acquainted you are with market research.

5 Sample Questions

What type of market research is a survey?

  • A. Primary Research
  • B. Secondary Research
  • C. Desk research
  • D. Lab research

What is meant by desk research?

  • A. Doing field research
  • B. Research about different desk sizes
  • C. Doing secondary research
  • D. Doing primary research

What is the purpose of carrying out market research?

  • A. To find out customers' expectations
  • B. To provide employment opportunities for the researchers
  • C. To expose customers to new products
  • D. To sell new products directly to customers

When should market research be carried out?

  • A. Market research should not be carried out at all.
  • B. According to the market status
  • C. After a product launch to assess customer response
  • D. Anytime. The timing of market research is not important.

What's the disadvantage of conducting field research?

  • A. It's not timely
  • B. Researchers often cheat
  • C. It's an expensive and time consuming process.
  • D. Collated information is usually unreliable

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