Eur9.99 Mock Exam CySEC Advanced Certificate (70 Questions x 3 attempts)
Created by K CySEC | 70 Questions
This is the cheapest and most popular 2019 updated mock exam for CySEC Advanced Exam preparation. It consists of 1,000 past exam multiple choice questions derived from exit interviews. The question bank is updated regularly. This test will assess your readiness to pass this exam, based on the guidelines of the examiner.  The system gives you different set of questions at every attempt based on the weight given by the examiner. At the end you will be given a report to assist you in getting an understanding of your level of knowledge possessed in each separate topic tested. You may find more tests like this at Successful completion of this test DOES NOT certify your successful sitting on the actual exam. You should thoroughly study the material given to you by the examiner. GOOD LUCK! PS. Last update 17th April 2019
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integral part of the preparation, Apr 25 2019
These mock tests have beeen an integral part of my preparation for the exams and a major contributor to my understanding and comprehension of the material covered.

Mock test , Apr 25 2019
This mock test is higly recommended. It contains questions from the 14 chapters. You can attempted it as much times as you want and therefore, I managed to improve my mark. I was impreses with the quantity and quality of questions.

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