This quiz is perfect for ESL students.It is designed to assess how well you know grammar and vocabulary.Be ready to choose the right Articles,Adjectives,Adverbs,Pronounces,Infinitive,Gerunds,Question tags,The Present Simple and the Past Simple Tenses.

5 Sample Questions

I'd like-------- bread and cheese.

  • A. some
  • B. any
  • C. a

You are Mike,------------?

  • A. aren't you?
  • B. don't you?
  • C. are you?

I am right,------------?

  • A. aren't I?
  • B. am not I?
  • C. are I?
  • D. am I?

Do you like---------?

  • A. riding
  • B. to ride
  • C. ride
  • D. to riding

The -------- bird is the falcon.

  • A. fastest
  • B. faster
  • C. fast
  • D. most fast