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The purpose of this online quiz is to help you prepare for the Medical Gas National Inspection Testing Certification (NITC). Questions are based on and formulated using the NFPA 99, 2015 edition code book.

It has been scientifically proven that long-term memory is stored in the cerebral cortex part of your brain. The best way to memorize something is through repetition. Keep taking the quiz over and over until you get 100% of the questions correct. This usually takes about 3-4 attempts. We hope that this quiz helps you achieve your goals.

5 Sample Questions

Under which of these conditions shall the instrument air reserve header cylinder be permitted to be stored with the instrument air compressor?

  • A. the mechanical equipment room does does NOT contain a boiler
  • B. the medical air compressor are in the same room
  • C. the only motor-driven machinery in the room is for the instrument air equipment
  • D. the room is secured with lockable doors

Riser valves are those located where?


  • A. adjacent to the main riser downstream of any zone valve
  • B. anywhere in the lateral branches of the piping sysyem
  • C. in the main line adjacent to the base of the riser
  • D. in the ricer adjacent to the main line

Installers of a Category 1 medical gas distribution system must be qualified in accordance with ASSE 6010. What is the certification requirement for installing of a category 3 medical gas piped distribution system?

  • A. 6010
  • B. 6020
  • C. 6030
  • D. category 3 does NOT

When is the initial pressure test conducted by the installers?

  • A. after blown down of the distribution piping
  • B. after installation of alarm sensors
  • C. before blow down of the distribution piping
  • D. before installation of station rough-in assemblies

In those portions of systems intended to handle oxygen at pressure greater than 350 psi, the interconnection hose shall NOT contain _________ materials. 

  • A. brass
  • B. copper
  • C. polymeric
  • D. stainless steel