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-An Evidence-Based Overview of Multiple Sclerosis, 3 Hours (2 GEN, 1 DA Hours)
-An Evidence-Based Overview of Parkinson’s Disease,3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Cervical Spine, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Clinical Implications Of The Physiological Changes of Aging, A Systems Review, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome: The Role of the Physical Therapist, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Demystifying the Pelvic Floor, 4 Hours (1 GEN, 3 DA)
-Diabetes and the Implications for the Physical Therapist, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Effects Of Bed Rest, 2 Hours (2 GEN Hours)
-Ergonomics, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Evaluation, Treatment, and Return to Sport Strategies for the Long Distance Running Athlete, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Evidence Based Strategies For Managing Chronic Lower Back Pain, 2 Hours (2 GEN Hours)
-Facilitating Normal Movement in Hemiplegia: An Introduction to Neurodevelopmental Technique (NDT), 2 Hours (2 GEN Hours)
-Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), A Comprehensive Overview for Physical Therapists, 3 Hours (2 GEN, 1 DA)
-Hand Surgeries and Rehab, 2 Hours (1 GEN, 1 DA)
-Healthcare Ethics For The Rehabilitation Professional, 2 Hours (2 GEN Hours)
-Introduction to Yoga: Incorporating Yoga into your Physical Therapy Practice, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Neurofacilitation of Transfers: Exploring pivot transfers and sit to/from stand using manual facilitation techniques, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Patellofemoral Pain, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Physical Therapy Of The Rotator Cuff Status Post Arthroscopic Surgery, 3 Hours (3 GEN Hours)
-Sports Injuries of the Hand, 2 Hours (1 GEN, 1 DA)
-The ACL, Why The Therapist Makes All The Difference, 3 Hour (3 GEN Hours)
-The ever evolving joint: An updated guide to the rehabilitation of total hip and knee arthroplasty, 4 Hours (4 GEN Hours)
-TMJ, 4 Hours (4 GEN Hours)
-Understanding Balance, 2 Hours (2 GEN Hours)
-Vestibular Rehab 1, 3 Hours (1 GEN Hours, 2 DA)
-Vestibular Rehab II, 3 Hours (1 GEN Hours, 2 DA)
-Wound Care Essentials For Physical Therapists 4 Hours (4 GEN Hours) 
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Table of Contents

Bed Rest

Healthcare Ethics


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Understanding Balance

Click tabs on left in order to take course.  We hope you enjoy the clinical course.  Course survey required for CEU test.