One in six children between the ages of four and 17, have been diagnosed with some type of mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder—many diagnosed with ADHD. What is causing this off the chart rise in diagnosis? Are there natural alternatives or are parents limited to a handful of pharmaceuticals?
Join ACHS graduate Mary Ernsberger in this exclusive webcast exploring trends, natural remedies, and protocols for supporting children with ADHD and other learning disorders.
In this CE webinar, you will explore:
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: disorder vs. genius Causes: allopathic and CAM perspectives Statistics: Number of children affected vs. number actually being diagnosed/medicated Labeling: Short-term and long-term effects Treatment options: Allopathic and CAM Decision time: To switch or not to switch  

Mary Ernsberger, MS (ACHS graduate) is a practicing clinical herbalist, hypnotherapist, and author of un-Broken Children: Removing Labels Restoring Health & Wellness. Mary’s journey began after her youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of five.
Through her business, Nature’s Simple Remedies, she focuses on serving children that have been labeled with emotional, behavioral, and learning disorders, and their families. 

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