Table of Contents

OAC 3745-7 Operator Certification (Internet Based)


3745-7-01 Professional operator certification definitions 

3745-7-02 Certified professional operators of record. 

3745-7-03 Public water system classification and staffing requirements. 

3745-7-04 Treatment works and sewerage system classification and staffing 

3745-7-05 Classification of professional operator certification. 

3745-7-06 Certification of professional operators. 

3745-7-07 Professional operator in training 

3745-7-09 Record-keeping requirements and responsibility of owners, certified professional operators and certified professional operators of record.

3745-7-10 Professional operator certification advisory council. 

3745-7-11 Duties of the council. 

3745-7-12 Suspension or revocation of certification 

3745-7-13 Reciprocity 

3745-7-15 Expiration and renewal of professional operator certification 

3745-7-17 Professional operator certification fees 

3745-7-18 Conduct during the application and examination process 

3745-7-19 Examination providers 

3745-7-20 Certification of professional operators who pass an examination from an approved examination provider.

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