​In this module we will learn -
  - A voice exercise (Alankar)
-The Ramayana   - Rap with a Dhrupad    


Table of Contents




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​In this module over a period of 6 months we will learn -     Voice exercises ( Alankar), The Ramayana, A Dhrupad, Dhuns, Shlokas Bhajans, About a Taal, About music instruments, and some fun songs for complete entertainment! Quizzes Puzzles and A little Th...

Course 2 ( 60 days )

In this course we will learn - -Voice exersices ( Alankara  2), -A Medley of prayers, -A very lively song that I have composed for my children which is called ' Duniya - Duniya' - Plus some quizzes and games to make concepts thorou...

Course 3 ( 60 days)

​In this module we will introduce- - Voice exercises ( Alankar 3) - A Shloka A very popolar bhajan - A fun song on animals - Lots of games :)  

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​In this module over a period of 2 months I will teach you -Alankar 1 and 2- A Chotta Khayaal in Raga Bhupali- A Dhrupad in Raga Bhupali- A Bhajan in Raga Bhupali- Teen Taal- Chau Taal- A little Theory