Welcome to Presentation Structure!In this course you will learn how to create presentations with one powerful, universal blueprint. Go from motivating your audience to providing them with actionable to-dos, while keeping them excited about your content. This training product from the Presentation Hero Academy offers you:Online Presentation CourseAn online course linked to a community of presentation learners and experts.Video lessonsA course delivered through short video lessons that you can follow at your own pace.Resources & ActivitiesLessons that feature downloadable resources, a podcast, quizzes and additional study materials.Concise & to the pointThe course modules are made of fast paced lessons, because your time is the most valuable resource.Any kind of presentationPresentation Hero will help you create all sorts of presentations from pitches to sales presentations to talks.Any presentation softwareOur training course supports any and all presentation design tools and presentation software solutions.

Table of Contents

My welcome and some important instructions

Hello and welcome to this course by the Presentation Hero Academy.

As you explore the course you will notice that each lesson features:

  • a fast paced entertaining video;
  • a downloadable transcript;
  • the slides used to create the video;
  • a quiz on the subject of the lesson;
  • related study materials.

Moreover each lesson has a discussion area where you can post your questions that will be answered both by coaches and fellow students. If you have any questions throughout the course you can always use this discussion area. You will find a specific one in each lesson of the course. 

The lessons of this course are fast paced. My suggestion is to use this course for no more than 5 minutes a day. Watch the video of a lesson, download the slides, practice with the quiz or the proposed activities, explore what's related. This is not Game of Thrones, so don't binge on the lessons otherwise they will not make sense to you.

This is it with my welcome. But, wait a minute, who am I? Find out in the next lesson...

Who is teaching this?

Hello, I'm Matteo Cassese and I will be guiding you on the way to excellence in presentation. I've been dealing with the "presentation dilemma" for quite a while and what you see here is my best response.

I just wanted you to see my face. Now, rather than bragging about my bio I just want to leave you with my email address with the invitation to contact me if you have any kind of issue or comment.

[email protected]

We're nearly ready to start. But before you do let's have a look at what the Course Curriculum looks like.

What you will learn with this course!

This course is comprised of the Presentation Structure module plus extra bonus content.

In the Structure Module I will provide you with a powerful, flexible, universal blueprint to structure any type of presentation. I have borrowed the principles behind the next 10 lessons from story experts. The advice I will give you comes straight from theater, movies and ads. But it's not abstract! In fact this is a set of practical steps: these steps will help you structure your thoughts and think about your presentation strategically in a new way.

The extras included are:

  • How to connect a laptop to a projector while looking like a pro
  • 15 things you should (really) stop saying during presentations.

Know your audience