Masterclass on How to construct a (macro) economic spreadsheet model in 9 steps. At the end of the course you can make a test. If you get 70 out of 100 points you receive a certificate. Country X is a small island economy with all the key challenges small  islands face. Participants in this Master Class need to solve (macro) economic challenges by using a spreadsheet model. At the end of the Master Class participants will have learned how to master economic analysis for small island economies. At the end of the course participants will have learned: The most important concepts to build a consistent spreadsheet model How to build their own business models How to select key economic indicators How to communicate assumptions to their team members How to write a 4 page report based on the analysis and research How to link technology and economy What the challenges are for small open economies

Table of Contents

Module 1 How to make a Baby Spreadsheet Model in 9 steps