Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Active Threat Solutions is an organization comprised of individuals who have dedicated their lives to making the world a safer place. From corporate offices in New York City to small classrooms in middle America, our team uses the knowledge acquired over their individual careers to educate in a way that is conducive to learning, not frightening. We don’t shoot blanks in your office, we don’t simulate shootings, We teach everyday people to solve problems using their own creative solutions. This instills confidence that cannot be found elsewhere. Combine that with improving environments through our assessments and services, we bring our experience in not only security, but people to you.

Part 1: Introduction to an Active Shooter Seminar

In Part 1 you will hear from a survivor of an active shooter attack and learn why this training is so important. You will also learn more about the extensive backgrounds of our expert trainers. 


Part 2: An Active Shooter Seminar

In part 2 you will learn about situational awareness, the importance of "see something, say something", the survival mindset, and cover vs. concealment. 

Part 3: An Active Shooter Seminar

In part 3 you will learn the importance of the "what if?" question, why we recommend Run, Hide, Fight, and then we will cover each aspect of Run, Hide, Fight.