Please click the finish button to secure your seat for one of the Vski Continuing Education Classes   HAIRCHURCH!  What does that even mean?  Our industry is open to so many opportunities.  Education is a way to expand your career but only if you have the passion for sharing what you know with others.  When you learn developmental strategies in all avenues of our industry it is amazing how easy it becomes to grow beyond your wildest imagination.  We are in one of the best industries where the art of being "the creator" is in the hand of the beholder.  You will be given new haircolor, haircutting, and formal style techniques, guidelines and technologies to help increase your earning potential.  This hairdressers, this is hairchurch!

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6hr CE Vski Online CEU 2020

During this online course you will learn new cutting, coloring, braiding, upstyling, and just some cool motivation to get you through the life of a hairdresser.  Every Attendee will have one week to complete course.