Equine Specialists in Eagala Model programs are responsible to manage many different roles and responsibilities. Led by Amy Blossom Lomas, the Equine Specialist Webinar Series explores the many roles of an equine specialist in an Eagala program. The first webinar introduced general topics related to equine specialist roles, and subsequent webinars focus more deeply on specific roles and situations to consider. Each section of the series enlists other Eagala Equine Specialist Professional Trainers with expertise in equine and stable management as well as in providing Eagala services. We hope that the equine specialist webinars will help deepen your understanding of the many roles, responsibilities, and value of the equine specialist on an Eagala team. We feel it is important to provide an outlet for equine specialists to share questions, concerns, ideas and support for each other. Eagala members value the ethical and multi-cultural aspects of the equine specialist role and how we incorporate horses into our programs with the goal of helping people.

ES-III will focus on the frequently asked question, “How do I find a Mental Health Professional (MH) to work with?”. We will discuss the basics of what to look for in an MH, considerations in finding the right fit for your style, places to look for an MH to work with, ways to market yourself (and horses, facility, etc.) to MH’s, and how to keep improving your own skills to increase your own marketability.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how to assess MH qualifications, certifications, experience and fit for Eagala Model work

2. Learn about how to - and where to - find a potential MH

3. Understand how well a MH works within a team approach and their embrace of the Eagala Model

4. Understand key elements for building a strong relationship

5. Learn about marketing yourself as an ES professional and the use of your facility

6. Importance of self-care and self-improvement as an ES

Cost: $15 USD
Time: 1 hour
Eagala CEU hours: 1

Table of Contents


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