This class is OSHA compliant based on the guideline 1910.178 for Powered Industrial Trucks. For those that require the formal training portion of the forklift operator safety class, this training will satisfy this requirement.
The license at the end of the class is valid for 3 years in all 50 states and some Canada provinces'.
This license is ONLY for Sit Down Mast type counterbalanced lifts.
- Stand up lifts
- Electric Pallet Jacks
- Rough Terrain or boom forklifts
- any aerial lift

Table of Contents


Forklift safety is important because more than 100 people are killed each year around forklfits. And many thousands more are injured.

OSHA requires that anyone that operates a forklift must be forklift certified before using the lift.

Certification is split into 2 parts:

  1. Formal safety training, like this online class.
  2. Operator evaluations at your job with the equipment you will be using.

This class will satisfy the first part and once completed you can print a forklift license at the end of the test. You can upgrade that license on our web site to a hard plastic license that is professional and helps prove to your employer, staffing agency or union that you have taken an established forklift training class. The link is on our web site and takes 3-5 business days to be sent to you.

Each section of this class is designed to be taken in order, it should take you about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. You can take the test as many as 3 times, and the class will


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Forklift Safety Review

This section reviews the basic forklift safety elements from your manual.


General Safety

Forklift Stability

Load Center


Forklift Test