German Studio 2 – Module 5
Created by Susanne Lewis | 5 Chapters

This module consists of 300 questions, providing approx. 7½ hours of guided learning.


Practice makes perfect! Complete 5-10 questions every day, and you’ll soon be mastering the following topics:


• ‘zu’ + infinitive sentences

• Adjective declension in the nominative, accusative and dative

• Adjectives used as nouns

• Imperfect tense for the modal verbs

• Personal pronouns in the nominative, accusative and dative

• Sentence structure for subordinate clauses

• Sentence structure for the main clause

• The conjunctions ‘weil’, ‘deshalb‘, ‘obwohl’ and ‘trotzdem’

• The verbs ‘sein’, ‘haben’, ‘werden’ and the modal verbs in the imperfect tense


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Table of Contents
Chapter 1

Chapter overview:


Each chapter contains an exercise consisting of 60 questions.


For best results, we recommend working your way through the questions in bite-sized chunks.


  1. Complete 5-10 questions (or even fewer if that suits you better)
  2. Click ‘Next question‘ and then ‘Save‘
  3. Continue with another short block of questions the next day

This will allow you to truly master the topics.


If you have any questions, we are happy to help!



  Exercise 5A
Chapter 2
  Exercise 5B
Chapter 3
  Exercise 5C
Chapter 4
  Exercise 5D
Chapter 5
  Exercise 5E
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