This course is designed for working professionals who are looking for career advancement and desire to certify as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Certified Green Belt are authorized to add the distinctive LSSGB signiture block enhancer which communicates to the professional community your certification status. 

The ideal students are supervisors, managers, and other organziational leaders who desire to improve operations while preparing themselves for professional advancement. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt understanding and certification is especially useful for transitioning military members and other professionals looking for a resume enhancing credential. This course is also exceptional for professionals who simply want to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities.    

Upon completing this course you will be able to 1) solve complex problems, analyze and improve processes, and facilitate teams. 2) Have confidence completing the AALSSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification test.   

Table of Contents


Students will learn and practice the three core skills expected of a Green Belt - problem solving, process improvement, and team facilitation. Upon completing this course students will be able to effectively implement solutions that lower costs, increase the speed of organizational processes, improve quality of products or services, and improve safety of operations. 

This is a training course designed to develop your problem solving, process improvement and change management abilities by having you learn and practice the proven tools and methods of Lean Six Sigma. The ability of a Green Belt to improve their organization is the real value of certification and the primary focus of this course. 

Note: This course does not teach many of the statistical analysis tools common with other Six Sigma courses, rather the primary focus is the value-adding benefits of Lean. The course is 80% Lean and 20% Six Sigma, which is the opposite of most other courses. Additionally, curriculum is directly aligned to the American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification's (AALSSC) Green Belt test and prepares you to pass the Green Belt certification exam.  

Lean Six Sigma and processes

This section cover the details of Lean to include the 8 types of waste, principles of Lean, process mapping and timing, and an overview of Six Sigma. 



One of the three core skills of a Green Belt is team facilitation. To achieve goals the workforce must be involved in the process and the process must be planned. This is the role of team facilitator. 

Problem solving

This chapter covers lessons on problems solving, change management, and root cause analysis tools.