Are you looking to begin a career in the security industry? Your training starts here. Safety Measures, LLC is leading the way in the private security training industry. At this academy we don't develop security guards for dead-end jobs; we develop security professionals to prepare them for meaningful careers with endless opportunities. Here, we don't believe in "basics". Our cadets will learn more than just the simple state requirements. They will learn best practices to better serve their company, their clients, and the public. Safety Measures, LLC is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a professional Security Training Academy. 

Furthermore, the curriculum you’ll receive at Safety Measures, LLC  is second to none. Our trainers have years of experience in getting graduates ready to perform their duties. It’s our goal to make sure you receive the best security officer education possible without losing focus on your schedule and job goals – that’s why we’re the leader in Texas. If you’re looking for affordable and flexible courses taught by seasoned professionals, you’ve come to the right place.


6 Hour Level II Security Training
Non-Commission Level II Security


Level II Security Training Course Goals:

The expectations and course goal is to provide basic knowledge and skills and help students prepare for entry-level employment as an unarmed Security Officers in the State of Texas.  This course will teach students how to recognize the opportunities available within the private security industry. Students will examine the history of the security industry and discover the career pathways and requirements. This course will teach students to identify the appropriate aspects of a professional image and proper conduct necessary when entering the workforce. Students will discover the importance of professional communication and how it will assist in performing the duties of a security guard. This course provides an overview of the components, structure, principles, and processes within the American criminal and civil justice systems. Students will learn the elements of a crime, the difference between civil and criminal law, the stages of criminal and civil procedures, and legal liability issues that can affect a security business or individual security officer. This course outlines the laws and procedures applicable to private security as compared to public law enforcement. Students will learn conditions and techniques for properly and legally responding to crimes in progress, securing crime locations, making arrests, and conducting search and seizure activities. This course explores tools and strategies to monitor and secure buildings and grounds. Topics include patrolling operations, methods and devices to prevent unauthorized entry, and effective use of surveillance, lighting, and detection technologies to enhance security. This course provides information on what to consider and how to best proceed when responding to medical emergencies, a variety of threats, and conducting an evacuation. The student will learn report writing, conduct an interview, and how to provide court testimony.  

Course Topics:

DPS Regulations Ethics Role & Responsibility Prevention & Deterrence  Who are Peace Officers Public Relations ​Escorting Protocols Self Defense ​Detainment and Arrest ​Officer Safety Situational Awareness Emergency Response Conflict Resolution Report Writing  

After completion:

Register with DPS at Texas Online Private Security Here  Submit a copy of your Certificate to the Regulatory Services Division (RSD) Here  

Table of Contents


Disclosure and Acknowledgment

Chapter 1 - History of Security

Chapter 2 - Regulation and Rules

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