75 Hour Pre-Licensing Real Estate Course/45 Broker Licensing Course/30 Hour Remedial Course study guide.  This material will help you in your studies for all three courses.  I have designed the questions to be moderately harder than a state exam question type.  If you score consistently high (over 80%) you are more than capable in passing any state or school exam in New York and most other states.   Each topic will have a question bank of approximately 50 questions that randomly rotate 15 at a time.   Other state specific license laws and regulations will be made available as time progresses.  The training course offers Powerpoint presentations with audio of live lectures.  It will also offer various practice questions for each topic that are specifically geared to test your knowledge and ability to pass the state and school exams.  This course does NOT give prelicensing credit.  You will still be required to attend all classes to receive credit.  The lectures that are recorded do not include questions review sessions and open discussions and breakout sessions conducted in class.   This course is a work in progress and will be updated every 3 days with new questions and topics.  It will be content complete by the middle of March 2014.  For those signing up early, an introductory price of $20 for the course is going to be offered.  After March 2014 or after 100 people have registered the full retail price will be $100.  In both cases you will have access to all content Indefinitely.   UPDATE:  the first 100 users have been registered.  Because the quizzes are not yet completed the course will be offered at a reduced rate of $50 until the quizzes have been completed.  After the quizzes are completed the price will be full retail price of $100.   After completion of this course development a Quick Start training program will be developed for agents starting in the business.  The price for the course will be $300.  An Introductory price of $100 will be made available for those interested in signing up before content is published.          A Proven Leader Jorge has been teaching at REEDC since 2006 and has taught both the Real Estate Salesperson and Broker courses to hundreds of students. Jorge was originally licensed in 1998 and worked full time as a Real Estate Salesperson until he attended Marine Corps Boot Camp in 1999. He spent almost 9 years in the Marine Corps Reserves, serving 1 tour in Iraq (2003), then attended Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in 2004. In 2005, Jorge re-entered real estate full-time as a Salesperson in Queens, and also worked as a loan officer for The Mortgage Connection. Because of his well-rounded knowledge and ethical reputation, Jorge was approached to become the general manager at RE/MAX Associates in Woodside, Queens, where he is currently licensed today. Jorge not only takes special attention to cover the required material so that his students pass the test, but he also shows how classroom lessons apply to the real world. When it comes to teaching, Jorge is knowledgeable, energetic, and inspiring. When students leave the classroom, they are confident to pass the test, and motivated to start their journey as agents.  Jorge received his BA in Religion and MA in Urban Affairs from CUNY Hunter College (2005, 2008). He completed his JD at Pace Law School (2012), and his MBA in Financial Management from Pace University (2012). Jorge received various decorations, awards and commendations as he rose to the rank of Sergeant and acted as Platoon Sergeant for his Platoon. Jorge currently holds the GRI REALTOR Designation. Jorge has also been quoted as an expert in the March 2009 issue of the Queens Chronicle: “McMansions Causing Heartburn.”  Jorge Vasquez can be reached anytime at jvasquez@law.pace.edu or (718) 701-2729

Table of Contents

Real Estate Finance

Law of Agency

NY License Law and Regulations

Title and Closing Costs