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Best Online Simple Project Management Software

Meet deadlines with cool features like online time tracking, project tracking and more

Manage Projects

Get Organized in Minutes

Drag and drop tasks in to priority and set the status with the traffic light indicators so you can focus on what’s important.

Create sub-tasks so you can break down your projects in to smaller items and get organized better. It's a tool your team and clients will love to use.

Manage Your Team

Manage Your Teams Better

With our online project management software, you can invite teams to projects and assign tasks to team members. Choose what permissions you want them to have, e.g. project manager or guest with read only access. Your teams will get a lot more done in much less time.

Manage Your Deadlines


With recurring tasks you can save hours of time. Click one button to complete your task or project, and a new one will get created with everything pre-populated and with new dates!

“I have not seen another online project management program that is so clean, elegant and simple to use. It just lets you keep track of projects and get things done.”
Erik Florida, Freelance Designer

A Calendar That Helps Your Team Meet Deadlines

Manage Your Calendar

Visualize Your Milestones

View all of your project, task and sub-task milestones in the calendar and re-arrange them to span multiple days. Enter events not specific to a project, such as a staff day, and share it on your team calendar.

You can also sync your milestones with your main calendaring tool, e.g. Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

Manage Your Notifications

Get an Outlook for the Day

ProProfs Project is all about saving you stress, so when you log in and click on notifications you'll only see what's important right now.

Find out what events are happening today, and what you need to complete by tomorrow, and even what is overdue and still hasn't be completed.

“ProProfs Project took my business from being a paperwork disaster to a perfectly organized machine in one hour!”
Laurence Samuels, Broadstone Media

Team Collaboration With File Sharing

Manage Your Team

Collaborate Easily With Your Co-Workers

Discuss projects, tasks and files with your whole team or a select few members of the project. Reply to your email notifications and the replies will be automatically threaded to the comment, meaning users don't even need to log in to collaborate.

Manage Your Files

One Place for Your Files

Attach relevant files to projects or tasks and discuss them with your team, or client. Files are stored in the cloud for safe, secure and fast access.

“Efficient and easy to use project management that both my creative team and my clients love to use!”
Josh Latham, Pxlvue

Time Tracking and Resource Allocation

Manage Your Time

Stay on Budget

Enter the amount of hours you expect a task to take, click the timer to start tracking time, then you'll see whether you're in budget or not with the 'actual time' vs 'estimated time' indicators.

Anyone in your team can track time, and administrators can see the total time the team took on a task.

Manage Your Time

Simple Timesheet Entry

If you want to go back and edit your timesheets for the week, it couldn't be simpler. Enter the hours you or your team member worked on each task, then click Save and your timesheet will be updated. You can also view timesheets for each user and edit their hours manually.

Manage Your Time

Track Time, on the Move!

When you need to track time for your tasks away from your computer, you can do so via the timer on our mobile site or via our iPhone app which is available from the App Store. The mobile time tracking even works while you're offline!

ProProfs Project also integrates with other 3rd party timer apps for your desktop or mobile device.

“I feel 100% organized since using ProProfs Project! It reduced my invoicing time from 1.5 hours to just about 25 minutes. Real money and time saver!”
Stacey Berlin, TCR Marketing

Powerful Reports, Created in Seconds

Manage Your Reports

Chart Your Progress

With the reporting tool you can generate beautiful looking reports with charts and graphs that show project progress, your most active tasks and your most popular tags.

Reports can even be shared with people outside of the system with a secure URL you can share.

Manage Your Tasks

Update Your Clients

Keep your client or department bosses up-to-date by sharing reports that contain a list of all the tasks and sub-tasks for a project, their status, and their due date.

Manage Your Gantt Charts

Create Gantt Charts

If you prefer to show your milestones in a Gantt chart, then use our Timeline report to create a clear, visual and accurate display of your milestones which you can then share.

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