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Store Portfolios on One Platform

Save, manage, and access portfolios on the go

project management software for creatives

Save all your files on one platform easily with ProProfs' Creative project management software and access them on-the-go using a mobile app. Manage files effortlessly and share them with other team members hassle-free.

  • Save files on one platform
  • Manage your portfolio hassle-free
  • Access all files on the go
  • Share portfolios with your teams

Collaborate With Your Creative Teams

Share files, collaborate, and give feedback to your team

collaborate using creative agency project management software

Share files, give feedback, get email notifications regarding project deadlines, team activities, and more. Stay in touch with your team in real-time with the creative agency project management software. Remain informed of every minute update from your team with ProProfs Project app.

  • Give feedback for each creative task
  • Plan project schedule as a team
  • Stay updated on project status
  • Get alerts regarding due dates

Track Project Progress

Maximize team productivity and meet project deadlines

track progress with project management software for creative agencies

Never miss a deadline again! Track project updates closely with ProProfs Project’s time-tracking feature. Set timers and keep your projects on-budget with our creative project management software. Track productivity and analyze the pain points faced by your team to improve performance.

  • Track work progress
  • Set timers to meet deadlines
  • Keep projects on-budget
  • Improve teams’ productivity

Create Accurate Invoices

Track billing hours and automate invoices

project management software for creative teams

Our creative project management software makes invoicing easy, convenient, and fun. Track resources for each project, manage teams’ timesheet entry, keep clients up-to-date regarding work progress, and bill clients automatically with this project management software for creative agencies.

  • Track resources for each project
  • Manage team timesheet entry
  • Keep clients up-to-date
  • Automate client billing

We are making a difference for millions like you

ProProfs Project Customers ProProfs Project Customers

Creative Project Management Software – Tailored to Your Industry

Assign tasks, manage creative projects, & collaborate with teams anytime, anywhere!

ProProfs Project is customizable to suit your industry-specific needs. The tool offers all you need to streamline project management among creative teams. Define clear, accurate project goals and objectives, assign tasks to relevant field teams, keep track of all projects on a single dashboard, generate insightful reports in seconds, and bill your clients automatically with the robust creative project management software. ProProfs Project is the ideal creative project management software that can help you to:

Visualize Creative Project Plans
Visualize Creative Project Plans

Bring your team together to visualize and design creative project plans using our creative project management software.

Collaborate With Teams
Collaborate With Teams

Give feedback on creatives, stay informed regarding important project updates with email notifications, and share ideas with teams easily.

Automate Invoicing
Automate Invoicing

Create and share accurate invoices instantly with our project management software for creative teams.


Monitor Project Execution & Team Performance With Project Management Software For Creative Agencies!

  • One Dashboard View One Dashboard View

    View project status, track work progress, and set project start and end dates on a single platform.

  • Time Tracking Time Tracking

    Monitor team performance and track time spent by individual team members on each task easily.

  • Team Collaboration Team Collaboration

    Give feedback via task comments, stay informed with notifications, and plan projects as a team.

  • Task Management Task Management

    Assign and automate tasks to know where your project stands with creative project management software.

  • Insightful Reports Insightful Reports

    Generate detailed reports that summarize financial reports, monitor and improve overall performance.

  • Invoice Generation Invoice Generation

    Bill your clients automatically and store invoice on a single platform with project management software for creative agencies.


  • Everyone should give it a try!
    Much more time to spend working, much less on tracking and managing projects
    Jim Moore
    Jim Moore,

    Word Jones Inc

  • I feel 100% organized
    I feel 100% organized since using ProProfs Project! It's a real money and time saver!
    Stacey Berlin
    Stacey Berlin,

    TCR Marketing

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