How to Win Buyers and Influence Sales with FAQ Software


“There is only one boss; the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” -Sam Walton

This quote clearly indicates the immense power customers have. Realizing this can shake you up, no matter how comfortable you are in your position in the organization.

Thanks to the emergence of online shopping, a click is the shortest distance a person has to travel to buy a product. After visitors land on your website, it is entirely up to you to catch their interests, identify their needs, and give them what they need instantly. Smooth execution of this process will turn visitors into prospects and in turn into loyal customers.

But for this to happen, you first need to communicate with your visitors and the best way to do it is through an effective FAQ section. FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions is an opportunity in disguise that lets you talk to your visitors in real-time and help them in their decision-making process. A full-fledged FAQ page guides your prospects in the right direction and plays a significant role in influencing their purchase decisions. It gives a holistic picture of your products and helps visitors get a complete understanding of its features and functions.

For creating an elegant page for frequently asked questions, you need the right FAQ software that is packed with cutting-edge features. Find out how an FAQ software tool helps you build a powerful section on commonly asked questions.

FAQ software – key benefits

Create from scratch or upload files directly – A suitable FAQ software helps you write content or upload existing content from word or PDF files. A text editor with the WYSIWYG feature, can simplify the content creation process. You get a variety of text styling and formatting options, which help you can create content the way you want.

Easy navigation – While creating frequently asked questions, make sure that they are easily searchable; enabling visitors to maneuver through them effortlessly. The right software provides features like Google-like search and autocomplete suggestions that boost the search experience of your prospects. The smoother the search experience of your visitors, the higher will be the probability of a purchase decision being in your favor.

Compatibility with multiple devices – A robust software tool optimizes your FAQs for different devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. You might have created your FAQs for desktop or tablets, but you need to ensure that they can be accessed on mobile phones as well. According to, mobile users consume more digital minutes per person as compared to desktop users, in a majority of countries across the globe. From a sales standpoint, this proves why it is important for your FAQ page to work well on mobile phones. A mobile-friendly FAQ page empowers your prospects to find answers on-the-go and take buying decisions immediately.

Images & videos – A plain and monotonous FAQ page drives visitors away. Your FAQ section should reflect your creativity and dedication to delight prospects. A dynamic FAQ software tool can help you build a striking FAQ section. It enables you to add relevant images and videos that provide visitors with a clear understanding of your offerings.

Popups, tooltips, and lightboxes – An FAQ page on your website should be self-explanatory. It should answer all the questions customers have about your product. But, there are times when jargons and complex terminologies confuse readers and hamper their search. To avoid this, you can use an effective FAQ software to include popups, tooltips, and lightboxes wherever necessary. This will help you explain difficult concepts or technical terms that are difficult to comprehend in the first read.

Benefits of a self-service FAQ

According to Gartner, “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.”  This shows that the self-service approach is garnering tremendous acceptance from customers across the globe. The time is ripe for switching to a self-service FAQ system that will help you attract customers and clock more sales.

Let’s see how a self-service FAQ can be a game-changer for your business.

It keeps emails and phone-calls at bay. Your customers don’t have to take the trouble of reaching out to you to get information on your products. This also decreases the workload of your customer support representatives and saves them from repeatedly answering the same questions. Further, the phone calls or emails you receive after creating the FAQs page will give you an idea of the questions that are missing in your FAQ section.

A compelling FAQ page portrays your firm’s mastery of your products and services. Further, you can display your industry expertise by answering broader, commonly asked questions. This reinforces your brand’s image and reflects your ability to provide best-in-class products.

Various studies have shown that customer experience is going to be the next big competitive differentiator for brands. Creating a full-fledged FAQ section makes you future-ready as it enables you to help website visitors find the right information instantly and provide them with an exceptional experience. Aiding them during the purchase process increases the probability of purchase, which ultimately, impacts your sales.

Summing it up

Customers these days prefer instant gratification. One of the best ways to provide website visitors what they want, when they want it, is by creating information-rich FAQs. Since the FAQ page is something prospective clients refer to and rely on while purchasing a product, it is wise to invest in creating the best-in-class frequently asked questions that answer their questions accurately.

A carefully-crafted FAQ section has the ability to help visitors cruise through information and complete their purchase. This is one of the major reasons why creating FAQs is fast becoming the go-to strategy to increase sales and generate revenue.

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