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It’s About Time You Went Paperless with Online Documentation

We all know the story of paper and how it has become an indispensable part of our lives. Imagining a world without paper is not possible since everything that we see around us – books, documents, manuals, brochures, cartons, etc. are paper-based. Pity eucalyptus, pine and many other trees that are rampantly cut to produce...
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How to Enhance the Productivity of Your Customer Support Staff

Customer support agents in any organization are the most stressed out. They continuously have to deal with customer requests and maintain the same level of enthusiasm throughout the day, right from the first call when they come to office till the last one. This is because they are the face of any business and hence,...
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Some Useful Insights on Knowledge Base by Gordon Tredgold

Customers today seek instant gratification and the best way to provide this is through a self-service knowledge base. The Do-It-Yourself approach is gaining wide popularity with customers preferring to solve queries on their own, without reaching out to support staff. They don’t want to wait for their turn to talk, which is time-consuming and frustrating....
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Can a Travel Knowledge Base Help You Cater to Globetrotters?

A few years ago, my parents paid frequent visits to offices of travel agents to finalize our annual holiday destination and plan the itinerary. Now when I look back, I realize how tedious and time-consuming it was, right from zeroing in on a travel destination and booking tickets to choosing a hotel and planning the...
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Leverage Videos to Their Best in Your Knowledge Base

Videos are ruling the roost today. The online audience finds videos interesting and highly engaging. Anything that is colorful, visually-appealing and in motion attracts eyeballs, and hence, videos have become a necessity for online firms that seek to woo customers. Video content that’s put online is growing at an unprecedented rate but is it actually...
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Blossom Your E-commerce Baby with a Robust Knowledge Base

E-commerce has gained substantial ground in organized retail in recent years, given the changing choices and escalating expectations of consumers. Right from cosmetics and clothes, beer and beverages to pizzas and pancakes, everything is available online. Thanks to the percolation of digital and the acceptance that it has received, the e-commerce industry is growing by...
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Is Healthcare Marketing Only About Brand Awareness?

The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive metamorphosis, thanks to the changing preferences of patients across the globe. Gone is the time when healthcare providers were only concerned about enhancing their brand awareness. The concept of healthcare marketing is shifting its focus from being brand-oriented to being consumer or patient-centered. Healthcare marketing is being rethought...
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Everything You Need to Know About Context-Sensitive Help

You have created a comprehensive product user guide for your customers with all the information rightly placed. But is it serving the purpose well given that your customer tickets are still on the rise for trivial issues? This means there is definitely something wrong. There can be two cases – either you have gone wrong...
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Building Consumer Awareness Can Actually Sell Your Brand

Consumers are the focal point for business organizations regardless of their industry. Sans customers, there is no bread and definitely no butter for companies. If they are this important, the chance of ignoring their rights shouldn’t arise in the first place, but unfortunately, it happens. Why aren’t consumer rights seen in a different light? Businesses...
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