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What You Need To Know About Contextual Help Software

Sometimes a software or website user needs more than just general help from a knowledge base to fix a certain problem. Contextual help may be required. That is, help is needed at a specific point in a program or service. This is to provide the user with a solution that is relevant and logical for...
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How To Select the Best Online Help Authoring Tool

It is always a good idea to have an online help authoring tool on hand if you need assistance with getting online tutorials devised and ready for use. This is to ensure that the help programs in any software you create are as easy to figure out as possible. However, you need to be cautious...
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What Is a Knowledge Base: Everything You Need to Know

In this day and age where technology rules the roost, self-help is what customers and employees seek. Calling a customer care representative and waiting for hours to ask a simple query or emailing support staff and waiting for days to get a response is frustrating. It is even more intolerable in today’s scenario where instant...
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